Important Features & Benefits of using Cement & Cement Products in Construction

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Cement is a binding material mainly used in Construction. It is a material that sets and hardens independently. It can also bind with other materials like lime, sand, water, gravel, etc. India is the second largest country in the world in cement manufacturing.

The cement products are manufactured with the help of cement. Some of the cement products include footpath curbing, plain cement concrete, reinforced cement concrete, RCC compound walls, mortar, plaster, grouts, ground walls, and ready-made compound walls.

Several Types of Cement & Cement Products

There are several types of cement are manufactured and available in the market. Some of its types and its applications are shown here

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) – Normal & Regular Construction
  2. Hydrophobic cement – Used in the construction of dam, tunnel, spillways
  3. Quick setting cement – For under Water Construction
  4. Colored Cement – mainly for decoration work
  5. High Alumina Cement – Workshop, Foundries
  6. White cement – For decorative work like swimming pool, roof tiles
  7. Air Entraining Cement – Used in a low-temperature area
  8. Expansive cement –Used for sealing joints and grouting bits.
  9. Low Heat Cement – Construction of Dams and large raft slabs
  10. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) – Hydraulic and Marine Structures
  11. Rapid Hardening Cement – Construction of Pavement
  12. Sulphates resisting cement – Construction near Tidal Zone, Sea Coast, Drainage

There are totally 12 cement types are available in the market. It is preferred to choose the appropriate cement quality for the manufacturing of Cement products based on environment and temperature.

The various cement products types are hollow core slabs, hollow block, solid block, thermally insulated block, hourdy block, masonry block, compound walls, heel Krebs, up stand kerb, flush kerbs, bullnose, cable tiles, roof concrete tile, ready-mix concrete, and mixed color of interlocking pavers.

Benefits of using Cement Products in Construction

Cement is a stronger binding material than lime and clay. Cement has a characteristic of withstanding with comprehensive stress. When more tension and shear stress occur, cement transfer excess stress to steel.

All cement products use several types of cement to set and gains sufficient strength in a short period of time. Hence the Cement products help to increase the speed of construction.

The cement products are available in readymade and must be fabricated with the use of the finest raw material for strength and durability. These products can be transported easily and fast to access.

All Cement Products provide impact, strength, accuracy, and durability to the building. The cost of Cement products are affordable and can be stored for longer days.

The Cement Products like hollow block, RCC Compound walls are easily available in the market that reduces the cost of construction and days of work.

Function and uses of Various Cement Products

Cement plays a vital role in building a foundation, watertight floors, footpaths, machinery industries for laying machine, etc. A proper mixture of cement, sand, and water along with steel provide the best foundation for a multi-storied building.

The various cement products are used in construction companies that include hollow core slabs, hollow block, solid block, thermal insulated block, masonry block, compound walls, cable tiles, roof concrete tile, ready-mix concrete, and mixed color of interlocking pavers.

Cement Products used in construction for masonry work, concrete, plastering, and pointing. It is also used for making joints for drains and pipeline.

Apart from building construction, cement products are also used for the construction of garden curbing, footpath curbing, bathrooms, toilets, and compound walls.

Cement & Cement Products are a major binding material used in construction companies. One who fails to provide the proper quality of cement & cement products, the whole building get collapse totally lead to a big loss in the project or sometimes lives.


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