Important Questions You Must Ask When Choosing A Window Replacement Company

Windows can get damaged in many ways. To deal with the damages, you need a qualified repair service provider. To find the right window replacement or repair contractor is a big task.

Thus, it is important that you ask the right set of questions to the window replacement company before hiring them to do the job. Below mentioned are a few questions and the answers you should expect from the service provider.

Is your firm licensed?

You should always hire a home window repair company that is licensed. This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a repair contractor. However, this is just a tax requirement and is nowhere related to the competency of a contractor. It is important to look for a licensed contractor as the credentials they possess are a big indicator of their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to the entire home improvement industry.

Does your company possess insurance?

A good contractor has to have workers’ compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance. You can ask the contractors to verify the insurance they possess by viewing their certificates of coverage. It is a good idea to bring their certificate of insurance at the time of meeting. Though these contractors would be a little pricey when compared to those that are not certified, but it is advised to not consider uninsured contractors, as there may be complication in the future.

What is the tenure of the company in the industry?

With experience comes the expertise and skills. The longer the contractor stays in the business, the more skilled and proficient he will be. A new business may have a promising future, but the rate of failure of small businesses is very high.

Will I get a warranty?

This factor depends on one contractor to another. There are some contractors who provide longer warranties whereas others provide only for a short duration. Longer warranties do not necessarily imply that they are more valuable as compared to the shorter ones. What is significant is to consider the ability and intent of the repair professional to stay true to their warranty policy.

Customer referrals are one of the ways by which you can check how reliable and genuine is a contractor in providing the service. The right contractor is the one that warrants their workmanship. So, pay attention to this aspect when choosing a repair contractor.

Can you provide me some references or images of your past work?

Customer referrals hold immense significance when it comes to choosing a contractor. To find out how legitimate a contractor is, you need to check their list of clients with whom they have worked over a past couple of years. Along with this, you may even ask them to provide photos of recently accomplished project that will help you get a greater sense of their craftsmanship.


Not many people know the right set of questions when choosing the right window contractor for their firm. All these questions will help you to select the right professional contractor for your window service repair work.

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