Interior Decorating Tiles – The New Ways To Renovate Your House

Using tiles for floors and walls has become a trend nowadays. But, have you given much thought why this pattern is witnessing a gradual shift towards porcelain tiles? Well, it is because the benefits and variety that porcelain tiles offer are rare and exquisite. The reasons that you too must consider using these tiles for your bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are given below.

  • Porcelain tiles are stronger and cheaper than other types of tiles
  • They are durable and much cheaper than natural stones and wooden flooring
  • They are easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Their surface is highly resistant to breakage and scratching
  • They can be made to imitate the look of natural stones and wood
  • They are the cheapest and one of the strongest options for floors and walls

Best Patterns And Designs Of Porcelain Tiles That Are Absolutely Worth A Try

Porcelain tiles are available in many hues, shades, patterns, and designs; and hence, they can be used to give the interiors of every property a new life. Some of the best designs and patterns by reputed suppliers like Carreaux Metro céramiques porcelaine are given below for your reference.

  1. The Mainstone Collection

The Mainstone Collection Italian tiles are perfect for floors as well as walls. They are made available in attractive shades of black and grey. Some of the best colors, shapes, and patterns of the tiles from the Mainstone Collection are given below.

  • White Levigato Hexagonal
  • White Levigato
  • White
  • Greige Levigato
  • Greige
  • Greige Hexagonal
  • Gray
  • Grey Levigato
  • Gray Levigato Hexagonal
  • Ice
  • Ice Levigato
  • Ice Levigato Hexagonal

Product Highlights

  • These tiles demonstrate a semi-glossy finish
  • Ideal for interiors, they can also be made in a matte and polished finish
  • They look super refined in hexagonal and rectangular shapes
  1. New York Collection

Porcelain tiles from the New York collection at Carreaux Metro are a pure combination of the sophistication of bricks and the strength of ceramics. These Italian tiles have a matte surface and they can be made available in the following 4 colors.

  • Soho
  • Chelsea
  • Wall Street
  • Greenwich Village

They can also flaunt a hexagonal shape – Soho hexagonal, Chelsea hexagonal, Wall Street hexagonal, and Greenwich village hexagonal.

  1. IBEL Collection

Italian tiles from the IBEL Collection have a glossy surface. They exhibit 2 colors, Carrara and Statuario, and 2 shapes, Hexagonal and Mosaic. Other highlights of these tiles are given below.

  • They have a glossy surface
  • They resemble and mimic the look of marble stone

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