Is Finding A Home After Moving To NYC Challenging?

Moving to a new city like NYC can be really exciting. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind while renting an apartment in New York. This guide will give you a gist of points that you should consider before renting NYC housing

Things To Consider While Renting An Apartment in NYC

Basic Amenities

No matter which place you’re shifting to, it is crucial that the chosen apartment has basic amenities including electricity connection, proper water supply and sewage connection. With the advent of internet, even sale and purchase of apartments has got online due to which it becomes difficult to understand whether the claims made by broker are true or not. Hence, it is important that you check that if the apartment actually has claimed amenities.

There are several ways to check this. One is that you can visit the apartment yourself and check. Otherwise, you can hire an agent who will check the apartment on your behalf. You can easily look for an agent online at affordable fee charges. Make sure that you cross verify this information before paying advance payment to broker for apartment as rent.Image result for Is Finding A Home After Moving To NYC Challenging?

Check the Food Options Availability

It is important that the apartment which you’re planning to buy has good restaurant and food courts, nearby. The location of apartment should be such that common food points such as GrubHub, Caviar, Postmates and Seamless etc, are easily accessible. This is important because at times you might not feel like to cook. In such cases, having restaurants near your apartment can be of high use.

On the contrary, if your apartment is in some out of town area, you’ll have to travel long distances to grab an evening snack. Hence, check the location of apartment carefully and then only make advance payment.

For this, you can ask the real estate agent about the availability of food chains near to your new apartment. If your real estate agent doesn’t possess information on this, you can do some digging on your own. While searching, make sure that restaurants fall within 3-4 kms radius from your home so that you can avail the benefit of free home delivery. 

Check the Availability of Schools and Colleges

When you’re shifting to New York with your whole family, it’s important that the chosen apartment has nearby schools and colleges. This is of particular importance if there are kids in your house as you’ll otherwise have to travel long distances for sending them to school.

To ensure this, it is advisable to mention your preference to the real estate consultant. This will ensure that the real estate agent will suggest you only those apartments which are near to school and colleges. This will save your precious time and will ensure that you get spared from hassle of visiting and checking the apartments that don’t have nearby schools.

However, it is important to note that availability of schools won’t be sufficient. It is crucial to check that the schools near to the chosen apartment are high rated. However, a real estate agent might not be able to assist you with checking the school quality. Henceforth, make sure that you do some online digging to check quality of schools near your apartment. You can take help of online feedback and reviews to access the quality of schools in your area.

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Check the Broker’s Fee

The real estate agent you’re appointing to search for a good apartment in NYC will definitely demand a good sum as commission. Hence, it is important that you negotiate the commission charges well-in-advance to avoid future discrepancies. A simple online search will give you an idea of commission which is usually charged by real estate agents.

Having an idea about the agent’s commission will ensure that you negotiate a better fee. In addition to this, don’t just hire the first broker you meet. Make sure that you discuss your requirement with several agents. After that, ask them for the quotes for rent hunting services. Once you get the quotes, read them carefully and then prepare a comparison. Go ahead with the broker offering comprehensive services at affordable fee charges. Do not forget to check the work history of chosen agent.

Check Material Movement Costs

After finalizing an apartment in New York, it is important for you to consider how you’re planning to move your belongings to new apartment. Material movement can be a difficult task and can give you headache. While moving to the apartment, you will need to make a comprehensive plan of material packaging, transportation, and movement.

There will surely be lots of belongings including new and old furniture items, and other belongings. You need to plan the things in such a way that items can be transported to new location without any damage to heavy and costly furniture items. 

This is where role of professional moving companies come into play. Professional moving and storage companies have expertise in handling heavy items. They can help to move your belongings from one place to another within no time, that too without causing any damage.

They have professional personnel who know how to pack items properly such that nothing gets damaged during transportation. Moreover, such moving professionals know how to create an inventory list such that nothing gets missing. The inventory checklist contains detail of each item which is being packed and moved. 

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How to Find Good Material Removalists?

A simple SEO optimization for moving professionals will give you a list of material moving companies. However, don’t just pick the first material removing company that you come across. This is because not all material removalists are professional. It is crucial that you check the details of 5-6 moving companies and then shortlist the ones falling in your budget. Don’t forget to check the feedback and reviews of company which you’re planning to finalize.


Shifting to a new apartment in NYC may look tedious task. However, material removalists can make your journey a great success.


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