Linen- The Best Organic Bedding Source

Exhausted? No new ideas? Don’t blame your brain cell. Better, you go to sleep. You need rest after tiresome work. Long quality sleep is a natural trick to keep you healthy. And a well adorned bedroom- at house or in a luxury suit- equipped with organic- preferably linen-made bedding accessories from bed sheets, duvet cover to pillow cover is quite effective for a sound health.

Sleep has a great impact on health. It energizes your body cells and helps to make a fresh start every day. Linen- the organic source of bedding- is gaining popularity for its qualitative feature that has an effective influence upon your health.

Today, you are quite conscious about your health and you prefer to have organic food and filtered water as a part your healthy regime. But now-a-days your choice of organic bedding is also at hike. Linen, made from the fiber of flax plant, is generally used in manufacture of daily household goods related to bedding, towels and garments.

Why Linen bedding is preferred?

  • Linen is well known for its exceptional cooling quality and refreshing ability in hot weather. This is because; its high air permeability and heat conductive property helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Linen is skin friendly especially for children, sensitive skin people and people suffering from skin diseases because of its anti-allergic, bacteria-resistant properties.
  • It helps to preserve the normal pH balance of the skin and softens the skin because of its anti-static quality.
  •   Its moisture-absorbing, ventilating and filtration abilities help you, especially your child to breathe fresh and help your respiratory system to work properly without any difficulty.
  • Durability is another key factor that makes it popular. It is twice as durable as cotton and so it is long lasting.
  • Its dirt repelling quality also make it user’s favorite.
  • It is biodegradable, renewable and eco-friendly and is used without any fear of causing any harm to health.
  • Better quality texture, tenderness and shinier look make it distinct from other fibers.
  • It also marks a style statement i.e. it symbolizes a class, particularly a prestigious class of the society.
  • Linen has a great massaging effect due to its microscopic breaks and helps in spontaneous blood flow and makes your circulatory system to work even better.
  • It makes you to feel comfortable and fashionable and can be worn in any condition- be it crumpled or ironed.
  • It is machine friendly i.e. it is easily washable in washing machine and can be dried instantly for its high absorbent rate.

So many reasons are enough to make you understand that linen is the best organic source to use for making items related to bedding like bed sheets and duvet cover. It gains popularity for its hygienic, environment friendly, long lasting and superfine quality. It is one of the world’s oldest fabrics and is in use for the last few decades.  


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