List of Items That Moving Company Will Deny to Carry

When you hire movers and packers, half the burden is off from your shoulders. Whether it is local or switching states, there are many things a person individually cannot handle. Moving company has professionals who have been in this business since years. Even if they are new, a well licensed company provides proper training to their employees. Since they are supposed to carry heavy furniture, they have proper equipment which makes their task easier.

Black Tie Moving, which is a renowned company in the US, eliminates all stress that is involved in shifting heavy items. 50 years of service has given them knowledge about not only homes but business and retail moving as well. Even local mover’s, who have been in this profession since years, have expertise and proper equipment to move things within a short span of time. Even though you’re major items are transported by them, but there are certain things that you will have to take care of.

Since every moving company has to follow rules and regulations, therefore there are certain items that are prohibited in a moving truck. Here is the list of all the items mentioned below –

  • Moving company will not carry any hazardous items like propane or gasoline tanks, car batteries, chemicals, charcoal, or any ammunition. This is done in regards to the safety of your remaining items as well as the truck driver.
  • Some moving companies might allow two or three plant pots, but that is only when you’re moving locally. If you are moving outside the state, then it is strictly forbidden to avoid bugs and other problems.
  • All perishable items that are open will have to be consumed because they wouldn’t be allowed in the truck. However, if you have sealed cans, spices and cereals, that can be carried, but not frozen food.
  • Before moving outdoor items like lawn mower or generator, it is requested to the owner to remove gasoline from it because that is again hazardous. If you have chemicals which is required to treat plants or bleach for swimming pool, then that will have to stay behind.

It is better to ask the moving company to come for an inspection. You don’t want any last minute difficulty in moving heavy furniture from first floor to ground floor. A reliable company will always tell you a correct estimate after inspecting your house and items carefully.

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