Low Maintenance Gravel Paths

Would you like a landscaping material that is simple to install, lasts for years and is low maintenance and extremely cost effective?

You’re going to best served by using driveway chippings and gravels in your design scheme.

The wonderful thing about gravel paths is that they require very little maintenance to keep them in an excellent condition, when they’re laid correctly.

A little forethought can save your path from strident weeds and you from eating in to your leisure time with tasks that could have been largely prevented.

Simplicity and longevity

If you are a novice DIY landscaper, you’ll appreciate the ease with which you can install the gravel and a professional landscaper won’t be taxed by measurements and cutting landscaping materials to fit a shape. Gravel lends itself very well to winding paths.

Landscaping materials and gravel suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel who are based in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham, stock a wide variety of gravels and driveway chippings which means that whatever your tastes there is a natural product to meet, if not exceed, your expectations. They last for several years and there are driveway chippings which will withstand heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

From South Cerney Gravel to Moonstone to Cheshire Pink and Green Basalt, your investment will be a wise one.

It’s recommended that you use 20mm gravels rather than the 10mm because they are more robust. 10mm can be prone to movement which is why many people choose 20mm gravel bulk bags from suppliers.


Ensure Minimum Maintenance

If you take the measure of installing weed matting between the soil and gravel, then you’ll enjoy less weeds poking through to the surface level. You may wonder if it’s something that you can avoid purchasing and you can, if you don’t mind weeding. It’s a choice between relaxing and working. Think of the exterior space as another room, would you be happy hoovering it entirely every day?

The matting is not expensive and it comes in varying widths, for example, 2 metres or 4 metres wide and it can be cut to the length that you require. (A full roll is 50 metres.)

Take advantage of a framework which keeps path and driveway chippings in place. A product like Marropave is capable of bearing weight whilst maximising the aesthetic appeal. This saves on sweeping gravel back on to the path or driveway if it travels.

Edging products offer the same benefit, if gravel moves the chippings shouldn’t be able to leap over the edging stones which gives you more free time. Whether you use traditional or contemporary coloured edging stones is entirely a matter of choice. For something a little more rustic why not use sleepers?

Driveway chippings and gravel volumes

The majority of 20mm gravel and driveway chippings are held in stock by suppliers for maximum convenience. These can normally be delivered loose or in 20mm gravel bulk bags or 20mm gravel half bulk bags, 900kg and 450kg respectively.

Talk to an expert to get the most from your gravel.