Mind-blowing advantages of laminate flooring

Back in the yesteryears, a laminate wasn’t something that people associated with class and style. It was a cheap and conventional option to do up your home with. People used a sun mica finish gloss or matt laminates for their wardrobes or study desks etc. The scope of laminate ended there. Today, the scene is very different. Laminate has become somewhat of a favorite for architects and interior designers to play around with. Leaning away from the usual, people now want their beds to be dolled up in a laminate. How do we achieve a just-right look to that? Let us look at some considerations for this.

The different textures

There are many ways we can use the laminate flooring. One is the accentuation of the walls, panels behind the bed, cabinets etc. You may use different colored panels and various textures that you may choose from which coordinate with the type of furniture you have and the kind of space you have around the room. Why do we talk about space? Because if you choose a laminate which is very oaky, deep and dark in color, the only thing that it will do is make your room look smaller which you don’t want. Play with darker tones if your room is big.

If you have space constraints, use a laminate which is light and has a bright motif flowing on it to give the overall place a movement of flow of some kind. Laminate flooring done wrong can do more harm to your interiors than good so make sure you choose the right one.

Different ways to use it

Floors themselves can be made in various ways. Rooms can have laminates on the pillars or beams of the house instead of solid wood to make it light and yet give the same feel; also easy on the pocket than solid wood. Laminate flooring can be as expensive or as economical as you want them to be. If you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket for a fancier flooring done up royally, you will have a plethora of laminates to use and implement.

Easy to install

Laminate flooring installations are a call for proper technical expertise. You do not want to land up with a floor that has been unevenly or shabbily installed. Laminate floors may be installed in three ways – glued down, floating and nailed down. Engineered wood is not of the floating type, but glued or nailed down and are comparatively easier to install. Solid wood flooring, on the other hand, has to be installed correctly. It also helps with the maintenance if the floor is covered with a vinyl or ceramic kind of covering to them since they are much easier to clean.

Additional factors like room size and daylight play come into picture since the décor has to be in sync with one another. Make sure the color and texture of your wood are in sync with the furniture you have at home and the darker have plenty of visual space to play with.

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