Modern lock installation services by Locksmiths in London

Modern locks are actually highly advanced locking system that were initially used in banks and offices to safeguard those places from goons and then people felt the need of safeguarding their homes as well with these locks. These are locks that open with RFIDs which means to say Retina Fingers Identity where the system has a camera in it that scans the retina of the person and then there is a device that scans the fingerprints of the person who wants to open the lock. It is only when either matches does the lock open and this is the speciality of the modern Locksmiths in London.

Why is there a need of Modern Locks even at homes?

Your home is as important as a bank or an office where money and important documents are kept. When it comes to your home the most important thing that is there is your family and then comes precious belongings that need to be safeguarded at all costs. The Locksmiths actually help you out to keep your home safe by installing these modern locks at very reasonable rates.

How are these modern locks made and installed

There is a very complex engineering method behind making these locks where the modern and the traditional methods of making locks are used. When you say traditional the main locking system is made by using iron rods that are specially designed with their cups to make a door safe. The whole setup is first installed into the door using special machines that drill holes both on the door and the wall and then these parts are installed properly. The next thing that the locksmiths in London do is they connect the main unlocking device with the main locking system and program it with the details of the person who will be using the door.

Different types of modern locks

There is a huge array of modern locks that are classified into digital and non digital types so here is a detailed explanation of both the types of locks that the locksmiths in London expertise in.

1) Digital Locks – these Locks as you read above use the RFID system using which a person can lock and unlock the main door of a home or office. There is another type locking system where the whole thing obeys voice commands as the person who is to use the system and the lock opens using certain commands that are fed on the locking system.

 2) Non Digital Modern Locks – The locksmiths have designed a special type of lock and key system that has circular grooves on the key. These are extremely unique and it is impossible to make a copy of these keys as only certain software can make this type of locking system. You do not have to worry about the key if you lose it as the software will still remember the combination of the key and will be able to produce a new key again for you with the same circular grooves on the key to open your homes door.

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