Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors For Your Dream Kitchen

Giving your kitchen the much-needed makeover and upgrade is a broader concept as you need to focus on a whole lot of concepts and trends before you finally start working on it. Not just the countertops, flooring and space utilization, you also have to think about the cabinets, their materials, and designs including their colors. Choosing the right colors for your cabinet might sound very easy and exciting but on the whole, it’s quite challenging.

So here’s how to choose the right color for your kitchen cabinet?

  • Whites: The white kitchen cabinet finish provides a more streamlined and conventional look to the entire kitchen. Moreover, the cabinet design seems to blend easily with approximately any and every type of decor. They are a preferred choice for smaller kitchen space as this adds some light to a smaller space.
  • Natural Wood Tones: This color makes you feel comfortable and homely while adding warmth and coziness. The medium wooden tones, coupled with natural grain, make everyone feel comfortable. As more homeowners are opting out of oak, they are considering maple or hazelnut as better alternatives.
  • Dark Brown: This is the all-time favorite as they make your kitchen look classy, and go perfectly with dark countertops or even stainless steel utensils, adding to the instant drama element in your kitchen.
  • Greys: This is perfect for your unique evolutionary style in a kitchen cabinet. This blends with light interiors as well as with the darker shades. This is better for contemporary styling.
  • Cherry: If you are looking for something more versatile, vibrant, and gorgeous then cherry is the perfect solution for you. The exotic reddish tones are a good complementary note for both wooden and stone countertops.
  • Navy Blue: This being a more or less neutral color can be paired with a host of other colors like white, black or grey as well as the bright colors. Maple Carbon shade is equally popular and it’s a lighter shade compared to Triton Blue.
  • Walnut: This renders the perfect woody effect blended with warm and homely essence and not to forget the long lasting product quality.
  • Rift Cut White Oak: Compared to walnut, which features deep color and saturation, white oak is fresh and light in appearance.

In this regard, Kitchen Wholesalers guide you with the best knowledge about the kitchen cabinet colors that are perfect for you.

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