Mountable Back Bar Display

A back bar display unit is used to add the finishing touch to the rear wall behind a bar. Ideally it will complement the bar itself in design, colour and materials while adding practical but interesting features. Bespoke installations have the luxury of accommodating the most awkward corners or elegant layouts with highly original displays. But what makes the perfect back bar display?

Innovative Shelving

Every busy bar needs to have a range of bottles, cocktail shakers and a myriad of paraphernalia that is easy to reach and locate. Innovative shelving incorporates practical functionality with incredible style. A bar that is designed around a frosted glass counter top can take the theme further by including floating glass shelving. Bottles are displayed against a mirrored background to increase the reflections and lighting. A bright, white marble bar with crisp edges and lines can be teamed with a back bar display of white shelving against a deep golden wall to provide a welcome contrast to the stark appearance. A traditional bar of oak can have a network of deep shelving interspersed with small cupboards that have latticed doors. An elegant, minimalist bar of wood with a pewter counter top is further enhanced by shelving that consists of no more than one long, low shelf running its entire length on the wall behind it relying on mirrors above to provide extra interest.

Illumination and Mirrors

Back bar displays benefit enormously from clever lighting. A stainless steel bar with distressed wooden panelling provides a weathered image that is instantly enlivened by an illuminated mosaic of shelving and recesses behind it. A white marble bar with front panels of bright panels in a rich russet is complemented by a free-standing back bar display with spot lights above and behind. Strips of LED lighting are used to edge the shelving behind a bar of granite adding reflections to the mirrored surfaces of the wall. Mirrors are often an integral part of a back bar display. They add extra depth while enhancing and increasing the lighting effects. Mirrored panels can also be used to highlight particular features.

Stunning Features

Back bar displays can be used to highlight the material or theme of a bar. A granite bar top teamed with tubular steel bar stools and rails has a back wall display made from a network of tubular steel with glass shelving to draw attention to the metal. A bar of weathered timber has a back wall of restored Victorian brickwork. The shelving of floating glass is kept to a minimum to highlight the warm textures of the brick. A tropical paradise theme features a back wall display of wooden shelving filled with cocktail umbrellas and sea shells. A bar near to a railway station features memorabilia such as name plates and collages of tickets from the bygone era of steam trains. Contact Dawnvale for a bespoke bar with a stunning back bar display.

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