Commercial cleaning services relate to commercial property cleaning, including professional offices, educational, medical and industrial business cleaning. Some London cleaning companies can include maintenance or property management services. Those who perform the work are referred to as cleaners.

What can a commercial cleaning service offer you?

  • Reducing Administrative Time and Overhead
  • Creating a Professional and Polished Environment
  • Improving Upon Office Health
  • Better Security and Theft Protection

Office and commercial cleaning


Offices are by far the most common types of commercial environments.  We have a standard outline of London office cleaning services that we can recommend.  This includes handling all of the different types of areas within a standard office, such as cubicles, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and restrooms. Whether you require cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis, we can create a custom cleaning program that satisfies all your requirements. So why look for office cleaning services yourself, when we can get the job done in no time?

Other Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning service professionals to almost any type of commercial property.  Even if you don’t see your specific category mentioned here, give us a call and we will come out for a free evaluation.

Medical facilities

We will provide you with an ideal cleaning service that will help ensure your patients are healthy by preventing nosocomial infections. Whether your facility is an outpatient clinic, surgery center, regional network, or a single office, our comprehensive medical facility cleaning program ensures effective cleaning and sanitizing of high contact surfaces in patient rooms, treatment rooms, surgical rooms, restrooms, common areas, and cafeterias.

But, most medical facilities already have a specific plan for cleaning.  What may be necessary for a veterinary clinic may not be suitable for a orthopedic office.  The same goes for pharmacies.  We are able to take your custom cleaning plan and implement it, using cleaning supplies specified for your environment.

Of course, if you do not already have a custom cleaning plan for your facility, we can certainly make suggestions, and work with you to make sure that your staff and patients are comfortable and safe.

So when looking for cleaning services, look no further than us to help you secure one!

Funeral Homes

Our commercial cleaning team has expertise in cleaning systems and procedures for funeral homes based on an understanding of your unique business needs.  In addition, you can be rest assured that we can work with you to develop flexible cleaning schedules and special event support to keep your chapels and viewing rooms in optimal condition with no disruption to your visitors.


We know that customer-facing businesses have unique cleaning requirements.  That’s why we offer customized retail cleaning, tailored to the needs of your  retail business.  From display cases to mannequins, to windows and high-touch surfaces, we will make sure your retail space is cleaned and ready for business every day.  And with our ability to offer you flexible cleaning schedules, know that your customer’s shopping experiences will never be disrupted.

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