Planning your cabin furnishings for the season

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Log cabins offer you the unique opportunity of being able to customize them based on your requirements. They allow you to experiment with virtually every aspect of their being; right from design, construction, and interior as well as exterior decoration. The process of log cabin decoration can be quite daunting but don’t let it get you down. You just have to start small with rustic décor elements but plan big and the end results will be fulfilling.

When planning on furnishing your cabin, here are the most vital aspects of interior décor that you opt to take into account;

  1. Start with getting an appealing interior rustic design theme

Start with choosing an overall rustic décor theme as this will be the foundation of your cabin furnishings. There are people who prefer wildlife themes for decoration such as bears, wolves and ducks while others prefer nature themes such as pine trees, pine cones and maple leaves. If you are not sure which theme is best for you, make sure to view several other completely furnished cabins and determine which one among them you would love to have as your cabin. Then simply pick their theme.

  1. Start small with cabin decorating elements

After you have selected your theme, then go ahead and start your furnishing process with individual decorations such as rustic lighting fixtures. Some specific style of cabin décor furnishing can really set the mood for the entire room. An example is planning around a cabin style light combination or a dominant feature such as a fireplace.

  1. Get in touch with your colors and textures

With log walls, hardwood floors and log ceilings, the interior design of your log cabin can be overwhelmed by the colossal look of wood all round. While some people love this, others love some colors to be thrown in to offset the brown wooden look that is present everywhere. Don’t be afraid to add some bright color on the interior walls as it helps reflect the cabin lighting and thus brighten the entire place.

  1. Plan on your lighting and light fixtures

The lighting on a log cabin is of great significance. It can be used to set a certain mood or enhance the interior rustic décor theme. When planning on this, remember that your log cabin is not ordinary and so should its light fixtures. There are many options of rustic light fixtures that can add a dramatic effect to your cabin and help it make a statement.

  1. Plan on your cabin flooring

Log cabin floors are the largest decorating element that is often overlooked or minimized. Remember that the choices you make with your flooring can dictate what you do with the overall design of the cabin.  Plan on it as a significant décor item.

  1. Don’t forget the wood finishes

Although two cabins maybe made of the same type wood and timber, the finishing on them can be totally different. Consult with your builder and get wood finishes that suit your interior décor and also protect it from elements.

All in all, the end result of your cabin décor solely rests on your tastes and preferences. But with quality and appealing rustic cabin décor, there is no limit to your cabin furnishings capabilities.