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Proper Location and Design for hotels

Proper location and design are the two most significant selection criteria for travelers or tourists while choosing a hotel. It is the location and design of a hotel that has an influential impact on the demand of your hotel and therefore it helps in determining the price rates for your hotel rooms. Location has such a dominant impact that your hotel can simply stand or fall on the basis of its location. So, the site selection process is a very crucial step while start up a new hotel and you should not take it too casually. Interior design also plays a very crucial role for the hotel industry. The guests, who will go inside your hotel, they will notice even the few little details that your hotel acquires warns Dean Kirkland Vancouver WA. The very common saying that first impressions are the most lasting goes very well with hotels.


Some points to remember before designing your hotel:-


  • Analyze your potential guests:before designing your hotel, analyze what type of guests you are expecting and consider it on the basis of location and neighborhood.
  • Create a unique environment: if you want people to come to your hotel, then you must offer something different and unique. Try to add unique themes while designing the interior and arrange different and decorations to different sets of peoples such as honeymoon couples, families, friends and seniors.
  • Make the lobby attractive: Develop a space specifically for business travelers that feature laptop ports, printers, and phones. Make arrangements to offer kiosks to check-in to flights. If there is enough space, section off another area for guests looking for somewhere to socialize with others. If possible, then connect this space to the places like hotel bar, and put chairs and tables in a configuration that allows your guests to mingle and spend memorable time with their friends and families.
  • Analyze the layout and architecture: properly analyze the structure of your hotel advises Dean Kirkland Vancouver WA. Something too large may seem displeasing, while a small, cramped space discourages guests from relaxing. Try to utilize each zone as they can serve a purpose to fulfill specific guest needs. you must also focus on the architecture of the space that your hotel occupies. Introduce modern furniture and accessories.


The needs of your Clients or Guests:

While selecting a right location for your hotel, then you must keep in your mind that what your clients or guests really want and what will pull them to book your hotel. Some important points to be remembered are as follows –

  • Transportation connectivity: check whether the location has wide roads and whether is connected with the other areas through various public transports such as taxi, metro, trains, buses. You should also find out whether there are subways, walking and bicycle paths or not.

For the perfect hotel development it is important that you hire an expert who will be able to offer you right advice. This expert will be able to assist you in designing the right floor plan. Get in touch with an expert who can design the right floor plan.

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