Property Management Made Simple

A quick, easy and efficient way for landlords to handle their home portfolio with minimum hassle.

As being a landlord or perhaps a property owner is definitely an arduous task. There’s usually a never-ending listing of jobs that should be taken proper care of, whether you are building a single property or perhaps a vast portfolio. There are many landlord property care apps provided by property management groups to assist property proprietors in managing their home and everything running easily, using the emphasize of daily tasks.


So Why Do I Want AN Application With This?

Installing the application supplies a easy and efficient way to manage your qualities. It’s intelligently designed, simple to use features happen to be produced by professionals in application development to look after your particular needs. Using its key features you are able to digitally seize control of tasks having a swipe of the finger.


  • Managing Tenants
  • Monthly rental payments
  • Utility management
  • Rent review
  • Property inspection reports
  • Annual safety tests
  • Lease management
  • Print yearly/ monthly taxed finances.


With regards to managing rent owed and tenants the application could not make it less difficult whether it attempted! You want to the sub section you’ll need, click on the icon and immediately you can include new tenants, storing their private information i.e. telephone number and address, in addition to their moving date and contract finish. For rent you just need to decide on the property inside your portfolio, specify the date, rental fee and Auctions commission and you are sorted. This protects considerable time and productivity over time, meaning you are not chasing any past due payments or tenant details.


Everybody recognizes that attempting to keep on the top of yearly tax statements could be a nightmare, but case one more reason why this application is very advantageous. It enables you to definitely do your personal book-keeping on the go, by logging all your earnings and expenses, where and when you necessary, to help keep on the top of the accounts. Over time this is more advantageous for the accountant or for yourself should you organise your personal accounting. Continuing to move forward, which means you can review monthly and yearly reports using the tap of 1 finger, in addition to track your taxes making your Finish of the year returns report easily accessible, and print off for the benefits.

Exactly the same format can be used when logging Expenses, again they are all stored in one location, and you may easily input property expenses through their individual property details and log important expenses for example Interest only mortgage, Capital Mortgage, Repairs, Insurance, Cleaning, agents involved etc.


Another advantage is that you may have a passionate support team which promises to help you with any technical and non-technical help that you might require. This provides you reassurance and trust that the portfolio facts are within the right hands, which information is considered private, to which you’ll only get access to, and none that will be shared with other Property Managers.

To conclude the owner Property Care application is in reality a sensational digitally advanced method to manage all of your business related needs out of your phone, and is regarded as the way in which forward in Property Management advancement.

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