Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floors

For many years industrialists and shop floor managers have been trying to find a flooring solution that can stand test of durability, finish and resistance. There are few materials that can offer all the three properties that we have just mentioned. Epoxy coated concrete flooring are one of those substances that are not only durable but also easy to maintain and remain inert to attacks of chemicals and oils. Whether you talk about epoxy floors or any other floor, any surface will have some advantage and some disadvantages. The good thing about epoxy coated flooring material is that they have fewer disadvantages than the advantages that they offer. If you are mulling on the option of installing them at your home or shop floor then we recommend that you should go through their pros as well as cons.


As we have already stated that epoxy coating have many advantages over the other competing materials. Different people quote different advantages of epoxy floors but the advantage that we personally like the most is their aesthetic value. Epoxy floors are very bright and shiny compared to other floors. They have the potential of lifting the mood of your shop floor work force by a significant value which in turn will increase the productivity of your plant. Many people tend to neglect this potential advantage of the epoxy floor. Among other things, epoxy floors offer much higher durability, chemical inertness and load balancing properties. They also take a much longer time to get worn out. Further, they are very easy to clean because they have a very shiny surface.

By now you must have been sold out on epoxy floors. While that is not a bad idea but before you take the plunge we would like to outline some of the cons of them. One of the most common problems of epoxy flooring is that they are not a permanent solution. Though they are very strong and durable they will eventually have to be replaced. Unlike a pure concrete floor, they are not a fixed asset and hence in due course of time they will have to be replaced. The other common problem that is often cited is that they are very slippery. The very property that makes them aesthetically beautiful also makes them dangerous for industrial usage.

As we have outlined above, epoxy floors have both pros and cons. In order to know further about them you should visit and then you will be in a position to take a call.

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