Real Estate Blogs I like

If you look at some of the fastest growing industries then you will be amazed to know that real estate industry is in the top list and it is continuously evolving. If you are also interested in this segment then it would be the right step to have your hands on some of the top reliable and reputable real estate websites that will give you accurate information about the happenings of the industry. Below mentioned are few of the real estate blogs I like, which were extremely helpful to keep myself updated about the segment.


Inman stands at the top of the list as per my view because it provides real-time information about the ups and downs in the home prices. Real estate professionals can definitely get good help from this site if they want to succeed in the real estate segment, which is full of competition. It provides helpful information about the developments happening nationwide, the present pulse of the industry and the future prediction of the segment in a better way.


RISMedia is considered as one of the most reliable and reputable real estate website having experience of more than 40 years. It provides beneficial news and information about the real estate segment to the professionals. This is in the list of real estate blogs I like because it is the best resource to do some research related to the real estate segment from their old archives.


This is my personal favorite real estate blog as you can find legitimate reviews about various real estate companies, effective tips to get success in real estate business and latest online marketing tricks and hacks to flourish your real estate business. If you are planning to invest in real estate or start your own company then this blog can prove to be handy.

CRE Online Blog

If you are hunting for the resource to get the right information related to real estate investments then CRE Online blog is the first choice. This work is active since 1995 and provides reliable information related to real estate investments.

Zillow Porchlight

If you are looking for the resource where you can not only get information about the latest real estate trends but also get a chance to sell your property then this is the right blog and this unique feature made me put this blog in the list of real estate blogs I like.

Geek Estate

Today there is no industry or business segment that has not got advanced using the latest technology. Well, geek estate also uses latest technologies to help real estate professionals to grow their business easily. It is considered one of the best platforms to grow your real estate business. This website was created a decade ago and now has become very popular among both beginners and master realtors.

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