Real Estate Loan – Important Process Of Getting Pre-Approved For Your Loan

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You might have received text messages, calls, or emails, from your bank offering you pre-approved or pre qualified loans. What it means is that you will not have to go through the normal verification processes in order to procure the loan. Generally they come up with such offers, for those clients who have steady incomes, and good transaction history.

If you happened to get pre-approved for the laen kinnisvara tagatisel, you are eligible to get the money you need. With that, you can buy a condo that is up for sale in the downtown. For this, you need to actually apply for the loan, provide your necessary documents, and complete everything that the lender would need, in order to get your approval.

The loan lenders or the real estate loan have their own interest rates on the amount that you could borrow from them. They are going to set a certain period of time where the offer will be applicable, such as up to first 90 days or

You can consider BestCredit real estate loan lending company if you are considering to take a home loan. It is important that you check the credit reports and scores before you get a pre-approved home loan.  

The process in getting the pre-approved can be quite simple. You need to provide the lender all the documentation requirements which may include:

  • The information about your income – Make sure you give the loan representative with the pay stubs, the tax returns, W-2s of the two previous years. You should also provide the documents showing that you have other sources of your income as well. It could be your second job, bonuses and commissions, overtime, dividend and interest income, payments for social security, retirement and VA benefits, child or alimony support.
  • Information about your asset– Other than the income details, your lender would want to know about the assets you possess. This may include information about your investments or about the account statement of your bank. In case, your friend or your family member gives you money, you can also bring the documentation of such information, which includes the gift letter to show that the money was not a loan.
  • The personal information – You are required to submit your Photo ID, be it a passport or driving license, and you will also need provide them with your social security number to have your credit history checked.

Importance of getting preapproved

Both the seller and your estate agent would want to get your approval letter, in case you are ready to get a purchase offer. The pre-approved letter is a proof that you will likely have the power to purchase. In today’s competitive real estate market, the sellers would prefer the buyers that are pre-approved by the lenders.

Having said all of the above, make sure that you choose your lender carefully. There are many online lenders who offer preapproved loans to customers at lower rate of interest. Applying for loans online is simple and less of hassle, as all you need to do is fill up forms and upload your documents on the lender’s website, and wait to hear from them.

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This article has been written by David Delvalle. Wondering to have a laen kinnisvara tagatisel? Contact BestCredit company to get your mortgage loan at a reliable rate and reasonable period of repayment time.