Gutters are an integral part of the structure of our house. Many a times while building a house many homeowners decide against a gutter due to the amount of difficulty that arises in maintaining it. There is no secret that gutters need to be kept unclogged, which is a messy and a tedious task. You can always get your roof repair company Mississauga to carry out the task of unclogging your gutter.

Water tends to get collected on our roof, which in turn can seep into our walls. If you have a gutter system then the water would easily flow and not cause any structural damage. Having a gutter also protects the foundation of your house, as the water flows away from the base of the house instead of getting collected. Here is how not having a gutter affects different parts of your home.

  • Yes, it damages your roof.

Roof is one place, where all the rainwater and melted snow water gets collected. Once the water gets collected it has nowhere to go so it slowly starts to seep in through the walls and causing structural damage to your roof, which could lead you to getting your roof changed. Get an eaves-troughs placed at the edge of your roof so that the water can easily flow down and not collect. While getting your roofing done, make sure that an absorbent material is used.

  • Structural Damage to the Foundation:

As the water will flow down from the roof it would start to collect near the foundation of the house. The foundation of the house has to be strong as the whole structure stands on it. Once the water has started to seep into the group, it would expose the foundation to moisture which can lead to erosion and the foundation may begin to crack. So having a gutter system around your foundation can divert the water in the other direction.

  • Flood in your basement:

If there is no gutter system to divert the water away from the house, the water can seep into your basement causing it to flood. A flooded basement will cause damage to the goods present in the basement and can give rise to molds on your basement walls.

  • Soil Erosion:

Now that all the water has collected on the ground near your house, it has to flow in one direction or the other. As the water flows it will cause soil erosion around your house. Soil erosion can be both fast and slow. So ask your roof repair company, Mississauga, to help you with your gutter needs.

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