Renting in London? Choose a Local Letting Agent

Renting in London

Finding a home to rent in London is not as easy as it may seem. There are plenty of rentals on offer but there just as many people looking for a home to rent in London. For you to find the perfect home, you have to move fast, and you also have to be readily available for viewings. I would suggest that you start looking for a rental unit up to three months before you have to move to London. That allows you to look at a number of homes that will make you more equipped to select the perfect home for you.

1. Move fast
It has been proven that when people are searching for anything in today’s world the internet is the first place to search. But it may not be the best option for when you are looking for a home as websites are not updated as often as we would like. But if you must use a website then the UK equivalent of Zillow is the best bet. The best way to start searching for a house to rent in London is by walking into a real estate office. The easiest way to find a home to rent in London is to first to determine the neighbourhood that you would like to live in, the next step is to identify the real estate offices in that area. This will easily provide you with an up to date list of all available rentals in the area and then you can start viewing the available houses and determining the best house on offer.

2. Working with an agent
It is almost unavoidable to find a house to rent in London without an agent. You will find that most landlords in London will usually list with an agency. The easier way of doing it, rather than selecting an agent to work with, the better option would be first to identify the apartment or house that you would like to rent then reach out to the agent that is representing the property. There are some well-established London letting agents that have a national presence in the UK like Sterling Ackroyd or Foxtons. Then you have those agencies that are localized to a particular region, these have been shown to have the best customer service and also have the best listings of rental units available in the neighbourhood. One of the best London Letting Agency –

3. Be patient
While house hunting in London you should be aware that it may take some time for the house that you would like to move into to become available for rent. Any house that is available for rent immediately is probably a house that has been in the market for some time which likely means that the unit probably has something wrong with it that you may not be aware of. Do not be in a rush to move into such homes as they may have concerns that may take quite some time and money to resolve. Typically, after you find your perfect home for rent in London, it will take up to six weeks for the house to become available. So, like we said, be patient it is worth the wait.

4. Make an offer
There is a lot to be taken into consideration when you are making an offer for a rental in London. There are a number of things that must be negotiated before the house is availed to you. The rental price is the biggest concern, most houses in London have a weekly rate that makes the units seem cheaper but when you multiply the rate four times then you might find that housing in London is not as cheap as it may seem, other things that may need to be negotiated may include pets whether or not you can have a pet in that home is something you should discuss before renting a home and finally whether or not if there is any furniture in the home and you want it removed who will do it and who will pay for the removal of that furniture? If there are too many people bidding for the home, then you may opt to ask for less and offer more in terms of the rental price to get ahead.

5. Move in
Now that you have found the home, made an offer and it was accepted. The last thing is for you to move in to your newly rented home. When you start packing your things and you find that there is something that you may need you can find them at

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