Renting the Best Apartments is Easy with the Right Checklists

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Moving from home is an incredibly exciting milestone. But there is a lot to face in the first move that is important to consider. In order to make it easier for you who are new to the housing market, we have gathered some points with practical details that are easy to forget, but so important to remember when moving into your new apartment.

Draw your own home insurance

This is a point that often stirs or pushes up later because it may be a bit boring and hard to think about. When you are looking for apartments for rent in Dubai then are sure to actually sign your own home insurance for your new home. The tenant’s home insurance does not cover your furniture, for example. It would be very boring if something would happen with your belongings and you will be insured. It’s easy to miss but it will be quite difficult if your mail does not reach you. In order not to miss your post, you can notify us by to get all your letters to your new address.

View the apartment

It is very important to do this together with the landlord. Take many pictures! If you have thoroughly reviewed the apartment before you moved in, you both have a look at the state of the accommodation and any subsequent conflicts will be easier to solve if everything in the apartment is documented carefully.

Create a written contract

Both you and the landlord must read all the parts of the contract properly and sign it. Be sure to have each copy of the contract so that you can save and have access to the signed contract.

Request a Permission Copy

In order to rent a rental or tenancy right, the lessee must have an approved permit to rent the property in other hand. Require to get a copy of the permit so that you have a certificate that the landlord is actually authorized to rent his property. Be sure to check what is applicable to you as a tenant and what you need to do to be as safe as possible when you rent your second-hand apartment. If you want help before, during and after the rental period, you can rent a home via a safe intermediary like.

The Renovation

The landlord shall renovate the apartment on a regular basis. If the apartment has not been repaired in 10-15 years, the tenant can request to be wallpapered and painted, even though there is no direct damage to wallpaper and painted surfaces. After such a long time, it is expected that the apartment is usually so dammed that it is time to freshen it up. This obligation may be limited by agreement between the landlord and the tenant association. The tenant who agrees to postpone repairs or maintenance is entitled to a lower rent. On the other hand, tenants may sometimes get repaired in advance against a special rent increase.

Last Words

For the apartments for rent in Dubai, if the landlord refuses to refurbish the apartment, you can turn to the Rental Board, which may urge the values ​​to be repaired by an action order. This means that the host is required to repair the apartment within a certain period of time. You are required to pay damages to the values ​​for abnormal wear and damage in the apartment.

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