Retaining Representative Services to Maintain Your Real Estate Investments


As the owner of several properties, you may not have time to visit each one in person everyday.  You may get lucky to get to one or two a week because of how busy your schedule is.  Rather than leave tenants to their own devises and repairs and upkeep unaddressed, you can get the in-person representation you need by hiring supervisors, Phoenix property management services, maintenance men, and others to act in your stead while you are away.

Monthly Rent Collection

The entire reason that you may have purchased your properties centered on the ability to profit from the rent each month.  The money that your tenants pay you to live or work in the spaces you lease to them provides you with an income that you may use to support your own household and with which to pay your bills.

When tenants pay late or forget to pay at all, your own bottom line takes a hit.  Rather than spend several days collecting the rent at the first of each month from each property, you can get all of the money that is owed to you by tenants by hiring managers to handle this task for you.  

Managers can make sure that tenants on the property pay their rent on time and also pay late fees if they give rent checks after the due date.  You can focus on your busy schedule knowing that all of the money that is owed to you will be deposited into your business account in a timely manner.

Maintenance and Upkeep

As the owner of the properties, you also are beholden to local zoning and code enforcers to keep the rentals in safe and habitable conditions.  You cannot let them get run down or deteriorate into slums.  If you neglect your properties, the zoning board and code enforcement department of the city or county could fine you.  

You can keep the properties in good condition by hiring managers and maintenance professionals to do the upkeep and repair tasks needed to avoid fines or jail time.  These representatives also keep tenants happy and help enforce the terms of the lease agreement you have with them.

Your hectic daily schedule may not allow you much time to be physically present at your properties.  You can still run them effectively by retaining management services to act on your behalf.

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