Selling Your House withan Agent VS Selling by Yourself –A Reality Check


A few years ago, I bought a house. It was a long process but narrowing it down to an ideal combination of cost and finding a perfect home, was full of many experiences. I turned to real estate agents, property listings, visited house owners and finally bought a house of my own – a relief from recurring rent and shifting from rented houses. Buying a house of your own gives you a feeling of achievement. An experience that you would share with your friends for many years, but most likely won’t get a chance to use the lessons learned for yourself again.

A similar type of experience is selling the house that you have bought to nestle all your dreams of a permanent family dwelling.But then you realized that you need more spaceor simplyyou can afford to move to a nicer neighborhood. Selling a house is a long process, requiring the same level of effort which you exerted when you were buying a house. There are a variety of ways to sell your house. You can choose to sell it though a real estate agent, sell by auctionor list your house for sale via vendor finance.

Selling a house by yourself can be more tedious than buying. In other words, when buying a house, you have a rack full of choices to pick from, but when selling a house you only have one option and that is selling your sole property at the best price. If you have decided to sell by yourself then you should prep up for paperwork, property listing, marketing and sparing time for likely buyers.There is a good chance that you might end up selling your house at a price that is market competitive and save 3% to 6% commission and cost that you would have otherwise had to pay to a broker or agent.

Sell Your House Online

Home sellers now are exploring new ways to sell their properties. They are turning to internet-based options to sell a house rather than putting their house on sale through a real estate agent, via auction or by placing a “For Sale” signboard in the front yard. There are many reasons due to which sellers are choosingthe internet as a preferred mode. Selling a house using internet is a lot cheaper than traditional ways of selling and most importantly it is much faster than any other method.

Buyers who are increasingly searching new properties on internet can easily explore online lists, view images of a house, check price tags and can immediately contact sellers. They can even get information online about bank loans, mortgage or can explore the possibility of buying a house with vendor finance.

Buy without a Bank, for example, is such an internet based classified Ad sitelisting for properties on sale. This online property portal brings buyers to a single location where they can view a range of available Vendor Financed properties; find property experts, solicitors, mortgage brokers and other industry-specific service providers. So, internet has made it much easier to get all the services required to sell a house.

Hire a Real Estate Agent or Do It Yourself

One thing that gives real estate agents an advantage over ‘For Sale By Owner’ or FSBOis their level of familiarity with the market. They probably have sold many houses in your neighborhood and most of them already have a list of potential buyers or real estate investors. There is a chance of getting a good price in a short time and with little effort from a seller. But their services come with a cost and it can be a hefty amount that you have to pay them after closing the deal. This is why; people are more interested in hiring a property expert affiliated with an online property portal. Hiring an online estate agent is more affordable than high street real estate agents.

Let’s break it down to exactly what real estate agents do, that you should follow to sell your house?


Initially, your property selling agent would visit your house and might recommend that you spend some money on renovations to get the best price tag for your house. It can be modest modifications, like simple repairs or a fresh coat of paint. After living in a house for years, it becomesdifficult for the occupant to even notice and identify improvements and repairs. So, to make your house ready to sell,put yourself in buyer’s shoes and try to see what they would be looking for.

Take good quality pictures of your house, six or more, of all the important areas including kitchen, washroom, living, bedrooms and front view. As majority of the buyers get the first impression of your house through these pictures by viewing them online. So, it’s wiserto invest in hiring a professional photographer if you can afford it. An agent would emphasize this part as they know that appealing pictures of a house would bring more customers interested to visit the house.

Real estate agents through home appraisal establish a market value of your property. To calculate a value, they consider the recent trend in property sale in your area, condition of the house and the location. All these factors determine the value of a house in price. Setting a price tag of your house should be realistic, even when you are considering all those factors including cost of the renovation, listing expense and your desire to get a maximum price that can help you in buying the next house. These factors can tempt you to set a higher price for your house which can further make it difficult for you to sell the house within 30 – 60 days.

One thing that real estate agents would do right away is to list it on the property portals and if you haveadditional budget formarketing they can advertise it through multiple marketing channels. The more extensive presence your house gets through marketing, greateris the chance of getting a good price in a very short time. Don’t be impatient, wait for the best offer and when it comes, keep your emotions in control.

During the house selling process, do not schedule any trips and be available to your visitors or potentialbuyers on weekends as well.

Real estate agents are experts in closing the deal with the right marketing pitch. So, when selling a house by yourself, you should be ready to deal with pressure situations and hiding your emotions with the attitudeof a real estate agent.

When selling your house with an agent or by yourself, online property experts can leverage the right options for you. Check out more information on how to list your property online and reach the right buyers.


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