Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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When you live in a small home it is difficult to find additional space for your stuff. That is the main reason why people choose alternative ways to keep their stuff protected. In the same time, if you are certain that you want a less square foot, that doesn’t mean that you cannot organize yourself, but you have to be smart on how you organize space that you are using and have.

When you enter the mood of storage genius, you will be able to get the completely different perspective of living space. Finally, you will be able to create an as much usable storage area in thank to space savvy residents.

We decided to present you few secrets and tips on how to store stuff no matter the size of your home:

When you live an urban life that means two things:

  • Bike friendly commutes
  • Small Spaces

In order to get perfect and reliable space, you have to think outside of the box. In case that your storage for hairdryers and towels is limited, try to add another piece of furniture into your bathrooms. There are many bathrooms that have too much-unused space that can be maximized, but you have to completely organize and analyze everything before you do it.

Every inch of floor space can be used and you can easily protect your living space such as dining room or living room from unnecessary stuff and put it in the bathroom.

  • Remove closet doors

Some people think that removing closet doors will give you the bigger perspective of the apartment. In the same time, doors eat up too much floor space and in the same time, it can prevent you add some other things that you didn’t even think about. When you use a curtain, it is a great way to hide your stuff and in the same time to clear the pathway in order to make additional space.

  • Embrace decorative opportunities

In case that you love books, the main challenge is to find the place to put them. You can easily use storage units Honolulu, but you have to understand another point of view: books are beautiful and attractive. You can add the shelf or two and place books on visible point next to a fireplace, for example, in order to get the completely different perspective of space that you use.

  • Try to imagine hidden storages

We all know about secret storages inside of the bed and under it. That is just a beginning, but it can help you add unwanted stuff in order to clear the pathway for the new season. In tiny homes, you can easily create spaces that you can use and when they are manipulated, you can use them to store your stuff. For example, you can make chairs with the possibility to put underneath them books. You just have to be creative.

Underfoot Storage: If you are in need for serious storage in your home, and you don’t have space for it, try to build a raised platform underneath your feet in order to keep stuff that you don’t need. This particular way is perfect in case that you want to keep down there stuff that you don’t need or something for the next season. It will not give you a perspective of too much stuff in your house, and still, it will be protected down there.


Whatever you decide to have in mind that too much stuff in too little space is frustrating and it will only annoy you. Try to keep with you an essential stuff that you need and find another, external storage for unwanted stuff that you want to keep. It is piece of cake, isn’t it?

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