The hassle-free guide to moving house in Hitchin

The third biggest cause of stress to people is moving house. Only death and divorce cause more stress to people than having to move house. Do you want to move house in Hitchin and would like as easy as possible? Then, this hassle-free guide to moving house in Hitchin is for you.

Know the people to inform of your move

It is important to prepare a checklist of the people you need to notify about your move. The list could include banks, loan providers, insurance companies, schools, employers, your doctor, your cable provider etc.

Disconnect all utilities

Remember to switch off your internet connection, phone line, reading meters, and other utilities in the house and have them connected at the other end.

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Pack your things professionally

Packing can be frustrating and time-consuming. So, if you can, get professionals to help out with packing. Use color codes for boxes and rooms for easy identification and organization.

Van Rentals

If you want to move house from Hitchin yourself, then ensure you hire a van from a reputable van company. the van well for dents or scratches before you collect it. Get good quality boxes have insurance.

Identify things you can sell/auction

Moving house helps you see things that you need and those that you don’t. So, you can pick out things to sell off or auction (e.g. on eBay). You can then use the money to buy stuff you need.

Use registered removals companies

If you wish to use removal firms for your house moving, then ensure that the firms are registered members of either of British Association of Removers ( BAR). Research the firm well and find out their track-record and history. House removals is a skilled job, so consult only skilled professionals if you need to offer the job to a removal firm.

If you want, there are residential removal services in Hitchin that can help you with everything you may need as smooth as possible.

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