The Many Styles And Benefits Of Granite Countertops

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Choosing granite countertops is not difficult to do. They define a kitchen in ways that are stunning and highly useful. When choosing a granite top, there are several types to consider such as Slab granite, Tiled granite and Modular granite. Stone is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Some prefer slab stone because it is elegant and can be custom fitted to your kitchen. However, it is heavy to work with. Keep in mind; for slab stone to be installed properly, it needs to be done by a professional.

Tiled granite work tops are more affordable and can be done by you, the home owner. They have a high-quality look and make a kitchen look classy. However, they are a bit harder to clean because of the seams. Modular granite tops are created from pre-cut pieces of granite.

Modular work tops are a good option for some because it comes in standard counter sizes and shapes. Again, this type of granite can be done by a homeowner who has a standard kitchen size. In addition, modular granite tops are affordable.

There are several tips that will help when choosing the right work top for your kitchen such as first matching the granite with the cabinets in your kitchen. Match the color of the work top with the color of your cabinets or pair the marbling and veining. One example of choosing the right color is if you have white cabinets. White cabinets look great with White Spring granite. This type of granite has veins of grey, black and brown.

Another tip to keep in mind is determining if you want light or dark granite. Some prefer light-colored granite, especially if they have a small kitchen. Light colors make a small kitchen look bigger. Brown and beige look great in larger kitchens but they also look great in smaller kitchens. Choose colors that will enhance the look and size of your kitchen.

Most importantly, choose a granite pattern that is unique. Choose from speckled, solid or marbled. Some like speckled granite because it has a wide variation in color and texture; while marbled granite has a smooth transition between texture and color.

In addition, another tip is to choose between tile or slab granite. Tile granite is durable and has a good look and is budget-friendly; however, you will see grout lines. Slab granite is more expensive but has a more elegant look.

Once you have installed your choice of granite, you will enjoy several important benefits such as adding value to your kitchen. When you put your home up for sale, your granite work top will appeal to many potential home buyers. In addition, granite countertops are super durable and they are earth-friendly.

Most importantly, granite material resists dirt and bacteria. Granite in not porous and makes clean up and spills much easier to maintain. Also, granite is easy to fix should a scratch or chip occur. To repair a scratch or chip; all you need to do is have a professional installer come to your home, one who installed your granite and he or she will take care of it.

In addition, granite can take abuse from children who like to help in the kitchen but who are more apt to spill on the top. Another benefit is the flat surface. The flat surface makes it great for cooking or baking.

To conclude, choosing granite countertops is not difficult to do; however, they add wonderful things to your kitchen such as durability, beauty and value. Visit your local home improvement store and choose one that will make your kitchen pop!

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