The New Odyssey LED Projectors- Cinema VX-9

Why LED projectors?

Odyssey Cinema concepts new series of LED projectors is finally here. These projectors are as a result of high tech knowledge and more in-depth understanding of the Home projector market. Among these LED projectors is the Odyssey cinema VT 20 model which features sharper brighter images, longer running times, long LED life, and lower maintenance. With LED lamp 20,000hrs, The LED projector is more sustainable and also very environment- friendly, unlike the Mercury lamp which is hazardous to the environment. With innovative technology, we have managed to achieve new brightness levels offering the 4500 ANSI Lumens projector.  This model features a LED lamp 20,000hrs operation with low maintenance. It has an optical engine and low fan noise which prevents dust from damaging the internal parts thus enabling the projector to operate for long hours. This depends on how well secured is your projector because the environment of use determines how much dust comes into contact with the projector. Once you buy your new model of home theatre projector, plan on where to keep it so that it remains safe and secure.

Features of Odyssey Cinema LED projector model VX-9

  • Comes in display size of 50″ to 250″.
  • 4500 ANSI Lumens.
  • It is a full 1080p HDTV projector- this resolution allows you to get clear images.
  • Has 180-degree flip rotation.
  • It is portable.
  • Has a LED lamp- approximately 20,000 hrs.
  • It has a PC video, audio, Y/PB/BR.

The other LED projectors models by Odyssey Cinema concepts that are more like the ODYSSEY CINEMA VX-9 are Odyssey Cinema Concepts VT-20 Home Theater Projector, Odyssey Cinema Concepts TM-60 Home Theater Projector, Odyssey Cinema Concepts NR-90 Home Theater Projector, and Odyssey Cinema Concepts MK-94 Home Theater Projector. These projectors come in varying capabilities and size; hence, it gives you current models that suit your needs. The home theatre projectors are among many other things very affordable, and the prices are pocket-friendly. The projectors can be suitably used in different places in that there are those that are ideal for family, living or media rooms while others are suitable for home theatres. In short, we deliver performance, value for money and full brown and unrivaled entertainment. All these are packaged regarding TV, sports, movies among others, whatever interests you, Odyssey cinema concepts provides.

Portability of new LED projectors

These projectors feature the most recent technology which is used in lightweight projectors for business and home projections.  This makes them extremely light and easy to transport from one place to another. They use a LED light source compared to the conventional mercury lamp. They are used in a wide variety of products including home theatre, educational and business projectors. Their light engines have about six times life expectancy as compared to the conventional projectors.

How to buy this product

To purchase this product, you need to go online and fill a short order form, make payments and pay for the product. There is also an option to register your product once you receive it. In case you have any queries about the ODYSSEY CINEMA VX-9, there is a support team that is always available to attend to all your queries.

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