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Real estate professionals go by different titles that can be quite confusing, to be honest. Some examples of these titles include agents, brokers, realtors, associate brokers, seller’s agents, buyer’s agents etc.

Most people use these terms interchangeably which is not right because each of these professionals has a different role to play. Each profession also has different requirements to earn a license, which is regulated by the government.

Let us have a look at the common titles that you are likely to come acrossin the Boston real estate market, in depth.

Real Estate Agent

This title can be used on all those who have earned a real estate license whether they have qualified as a broker, an associate broker, or a sales professional.

To earn the license and become a licensed agent, one must take a couple of classes and pass a mandatory test.


A realtor is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. As a member of this association, you must uphold the association’s standards and code of ethics.

Real Estate Broker

For you to qualify as a broker, it is required by the law that you take your education beyond the agent level and pass an exam to get licensed.

Sometimes brokers employ agents to work for them.

Real Estate Salesperson

This is another title used to refer to real estate agents.

Real Estate Associate Broker

This refers to an agent who has taken their education further, passes their exam and gets licensed to become a broker but decided to work under the management of another broker.

Education and Experience

Real estate brokers are required to get a higher education than the real estate agents. The brokers must also start out as agents in order to gain some experience.

Below are some requirements that should be met for one to be a qualified agent or broker:

  • An agent must attend 60 hours worth of class time and pass an exam with both the state and national examination sections.
  • A real estate broker must attend 180 hours worth of class time and pass an exam with both the state and national examination section. They must also have worked as an agent for a total of 36 months of the previous 48 months.

When you need a real estate professional in Boston for whatever service, be it to sell a house or rent some of the Boston apartments, it’s advisable to get those who are members of the National Association of Realtors.

Normally when you hire the services of a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a house, the agent will typically work under a broker. The broker will step in and bear responsibility in case there are any glitches with the home purchase or sale. Also, if you do not like the services of the agent, you could talk to the broker and ask for their help on the issue.

Interview your agent before you start working with them. If they are new to the profession, it is okay to meet the broker as well.

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