The Top 5 Carpets that are Guaranteed to Last a Long Time

Carpets play a critical role in homes as they uniquely décor the house and also help in trapping the dust from the floors. However, it is challenging to find a hardwearing carpet that would last for a very long time in your home while also being durable.

1. Tufted carpets

The tufted carpet is a very popular type of carpet for homeowners as it is known for being very strong and reliable. The carpet is made through a yarn of fibres that are tufted through the material to create a tufted look. The carpet can also be hand tufted. Besides, the hand tufted is of more quality compared to the machine made. The types of materials that are used include nylon, cotton, and high-quality wool. Moreover, tufted carpets are known to stay more than 10-15 years for durability and longevity.

2. Woven carpet

The woven carpet is one of the traditional carpets that has been manufactured over the years, constructed by interlacing face and back yarns simultaneously. This carpet can also be handcrafted, or machine made. Moreover, the carpet is made through a mixture of 80% wool and 20% nylon. This combination of materials gives the carpet more strength and durability. Consequently, the carpet is resistant to water-based stains, low flammability and easy to clean. These features make the woven carpet to be popular and can last long in the house.

3. Loop carpets

Looping yarns construct this carpet and leaving them uncut on top of the surface to create a highly durable carpet. The pile height depends on the customer’s preference. Additionally, this carpet style is effective in areas of high traffic such as offices; the hardwearing carpet is robust and can stay long due to its style. Also, the carpet is suitable for trapping soil. The carpet types include level loop and multi-level loop – explore more.

4. Fibre bonded carpets

The fibre bonded carpets are made by punching dense needle to fibres and bonded to a backing material to create a sturdy carpet. The primary material is polypropylene fibre that is stain resistant and thus producing a hardwearing carpet. Moreover, this carpet type is better for high wear and tear traffic areas. The fibre bonded carpets are easy to maintain, high thermal properties and very durable.

5. Cut pile carpet

This carpet type is made up of yearns that are cut at the ends. There are many styles of this cut pile carpet: Frieze, Shag, Velvet and many other more. The number of twists in the fibres makes this carpet strong and durable to be used in office and home floors.


If you want to have a carpet that would last longer, it is important to consider the types based on the fibres, twist and density thus resulting in long-lasting carpets for your home. Besides, a durable carpet is pocket-friendly.

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