The use of Promotional Products in Real Estate

An excellent way to promote both your real estate business and the services it offers is through promotional merchandise. These products are not only delightful gifts that improve customer loyalty, they can also act as excellent informative tools with regards to current sales and deals. The diversity and informative level of these items is only bound by your creativity.


The Key to Creating a Solid Promotional Item

There are many marketing schemes that have pushed the creation and selling of promotional items that failed miserably as they did not take into account the personal needs and interests of their client base. Too many companies pump out useless and tacky items which people will immediately discard or have no interest in purchasing.

The key to a successful promotional item creation is taking into account the lives of your clients. People react very favourably when presented with something that appears to have been crafted with them in mind. As the real estate business relies so heavily on the formation of strong and trustworthy bonds, you need to ensure that you aren’t just aimlessly distributing objects that have no intimate meaning.

Some of the Most Effective Promotional Products

Real estate companies are some of the most enthusiastic creators and distributors of promotional gifts due to their heavy reliance on trust and relationship building. It is no mystery that gift-giving or the selling of personalized items goes a long way to bringing people close. Some of the most successful real estate companies today have some of the most diverse and comprehensive list of products available. Please have a look at Heritage Advertising for such an example.

  • Clothing and Accessories: Nothing says brand loyalty like wearing the shirt or cap that bears the brand and details of your real estate company. T-shirts have always been an excellent marketing strategy, as they not only provide comfortable clothing for clients, they also allow for a direct information spreading in public. Hats, caps, shirts, scarves – basically any clothing item can be turned into a means for promotion. For a great example of branded clothing marketing, have a look at Apartamenti.
  • Food and Snacks: This venture will need a bit of research, depending on the dietary requirements of your clients. You obviously do not want to give pork crackling to a Muslim client, or peanuts to someone that is allergic. Regardless, there are many commonly enjoyed foods that can be turned into marketing tools through the design of their wrappers. Nothing makes people warm up to you like giving them tasty treats. Motivators are one company that have perfectly honed their food-based promotional product design.
  • Stress Toys: Purchasing a new home can be a very stressful financial venture, which is why stress toys as promotional gifts have become all the craze in the property world. House-shaped stress toys are cute yet effective promotional gifts which will bring both therapeutic fun and an improved relationship, as people will become inadvertently link the unwinding effects of a stress toy with a heightened level of trust for the group which provided it. Have a look at Throw Things for some excellent examples.

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