Three Unique Ideas for A Home Office

Home offices have changed over the years. They’re no longer a bonus people get when they have an additional bedroom or den. They’re necessary for many households now that telecommuting, remote working, and entrepreneurship are so prevalent. However, as families grow larger and the need for additional bedrooms increases, some homeowners are left wondering where to create a home office. If you’re without an additional bedroom or even a den, you’re not entirely out of options when it comes to creating a functional office space.

Move Outdoors

While it’s not possible to store your office supplies on the deck or in the pool area, it is possible to consider an office shed as your new office solution. These small offices are almost a cross between a tiny home and a shed. They’re aesthetically pleasing, but they are small. These go the yard wherever you have space, and you get to use it as an office. It’s fully equipped to offer power, air, and heat if you choose to go this route. If you live in an area with deed restrictions or a homeowner’s association, however, you must check to see if you’re permitted to have a shed of this nature in your yard.

Closet Space

Storage space is at a premium, but do you have a small closet you can use as an office? By placing shelving in just the right spot, you can remove folding doors from a small closet in the guest room or even a hallway and create a small office space. Placing a trendy sliding barn door in place of the folding doors allows you to shut the office when you’re no longer using it. Finding the right way to hang shelves allows you to keep your office equipment and items safe and secure, but you’re not using an entire room to work.

Corner Office

Growing up you might have listened to businessmen and women discuss their dreams of moving up into a corner office at some point. You can do just that at home, even if it’s a little different. You can pick a corner in any room and add a decorative china cabinet with a folding opening. Your office equipment goes inside the folding opening, and you pull it open and out when you’re ready to use it. When it’s not in use, it looks like an antique hutch, desk, or china cabinet. It fits well into a corner space, and you get your corner office without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.

Home office spaces might be more of a necessity today than they were a decade or two ago, but modern technology makes it possible to keep an office in a small space. You’re no longer required to have a large desk in a large room to keep large equipment. Homeowners can use this to your advantage to create the kind of space you want without sacrificing your family’s space and home.


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