Tips For Getting Your Bedroom Summer Ready

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During hot summers nights, the cozy bedroom that was your sanctuary during winter could have you tossing a turning all night. You will need to create a summer oasis out of your bedroom and the easiest way to do this is to swap out the snug winter bedding for cool summer sheets. You can also opt to change heavy winter curtains and detailing for simple easy summer colors. You need to infuse your entire space with a light and airy look.

But, besides making you bedroom simply look cooler you can also implement little design updates to have your bedroom summer ready in no time. The simple addition of a stylish tabletop fan or breathable bedding, can actually really help.

Build a summer-ready bed

First things first, your bed deserves a summer makeover, even if you have a cheap upholstered bed like these on this site. More than just stylistic improvements, these easy adjustments could end up giving you hours of comfortable and cool sleep. And, the easiest way to do this, is to swap out all of your bedding. Ditch the duvet because you probably don’t need it in summer and replace it with a cool lightweight coverlet. When buying new bedding choose lightweight sheets, covers, and throws. These can be easily layered for those chilly nights rather than breaking out the thick duvets.

Choose the right materials

It is important to remember that building the ultimate summer bed isn’t just about layering. You will also need to choose light and breathable materials. Natural textiles, such as linen and cotton, tend to be the most breathable. Woven synthetics may trap in moisture. Adding to this, the color choices you make can have an added effect on how cool your bedroom is. White bedding is a usual go-to. It is not only cool but always looks clean and inviting.

Pick a cool palette

We all know that color choices can completely transform the style of a room. But, did you know that your choice of colors could also make your space feel cooler? Hues on the cool side of the color spectrum such as blues, greens, and blue-based grays may make a warm room feel more bearable. Always keep in mind that when swapping out some of your pieces, you need to choose colors as well as fabrics that evoke a sense of serenity. Additionally, the cool tones even help calm the heightened emotional reaction most of us feel in summer.

Introduce pops of color

While you should always opt for an overall color scheme to be cool and neutral, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with pops of brighter hues. You could begin with a minimalist base of whites and greys, and then add a spark of color with a hot pink or lime green tray. The ideal balance should be somewhere around the 75 percent neutral and 25 percent color range.

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