Tips To Decorate The Senior Living Apartment In The Perfect Way

Part of assisting your parents to make their move to the retirement apartments in Florida a really positive experience is to add the little extras, which can convert these apartments into homes. The transition from home to the senior living community is a big change, therefore it is necessary to make sure that the seniors feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

But the good news here is that there is no requirement of finding a crafting expert or an interior decorator to help your parents to decorate the new place. Here are some basic tips to consider in this regard:


  1. Decorate with the personal belongings your parents prefer: One of the best methods of making a great transition is to decorate the apartment with the items from your home. This may include adding the cherished antiques that they prefer, furniture pieces that they liked to use in the home, their favorite quilts or curtains etc. These things may look simple, but these can actually make them more at home.
  2. Prevent fall by keeping the walkways clear and by using non-glass round furniture: Often mobility becomes a great challenge for the seniors. In this new environment of retirement apartments in Florida, often situations can arise when they can fall and this can lead to an accident. In case you are planning to get new furniture ranges for the new apartment, then choose the designs, which are round and don’t come with sharp edges.
  3. Use light shades: Since the eye sights of fade as they grow old, therefore it is necessary to choose the shades of the rooms accordingly so that they don’t have trouble in moving. Using bright colors will help to make the visibility easier.
  4. Keep the spaces open for socializing: In the senior living spaces, the seniors mainly meet with new people. So, you need to offer them the best place to be the best hosts. Place a comfortable sofa and several chairs where they can entertain their companions.
  5. Use trunks or ottomans for additional storage: It is quite obvious that the seniors will take some additional belongings with them while moving to the senior apartment. But these things will take up spaces. Therefore, it is a good idea to store these things with trunks or ottomans. Apart from storing things properly, the trunks or ottomans will also add a decorative flair to the new apartment.