Top 10 Tips for Finding Short Let Properties in London

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London is a fantastic vibrant city and the best way to experience the best of the city is to live there like a local – rather than an obvious visitor staying in the insular community of a hotel.


London is not a cheap city, and you will need to pay handsomely for even the humblest property. Before you travel, keep an eye on London short lets prices to get a good idea of what a reasonable price is and make sure you save enough to pay for your accommodation.

Early Bird…

Start looking for suitable properties early – as soon as you decide on your trip, in fact. The best short let properties will be snapped up quickly and have a long waiting list. It may even pay you to book accommodation first and arrange the rest of your trip around the availability of the apartment.

How Big?

Think about the size of property you will need. London properties can be miniscule so be honest about how many people need to sleep in the place – thinking that you can get away with squeezing in an extra body in could be a mistake!


Get contacts at several lettings agencies, rather than relying on just one. Agencies can be possessive about their clients and many insist on having sole charge of a property. Therefore, signing up with several agencies means that you are more likely to find a suitable place sooner rather than later. And ensure that you choose agencies that specialise in short-term lets – they will have the right contacts with owners and landlords.

Outside the City

Do not hesitate to look quite far outside London – public transport links are good and, as long as you are in Zone 6 you will be able to travel widely for a relatively modest sum. The further away from the City you are, the cheaper – and possibly bigger – the properties available will be.

How Long Exactly?

How long is short term? Some agencies consider contracts of a weekend, while others insist on three or six-month limits. Make sure you are signing up to a property for the right length of time.

Lap of Luxury

There are many wealthy people who maintain small apartments in London who are prepared to lease them out to the right people when they are residing elsewhere for a time. These luxurious apartments – for special occasions, such as proposals, anniversaries or significant birthdays – might not be significantly more expensive than more basic apartments and the experience is sure to make the occasion even more wonderful.

Business Links

Some landlords specialise in leasing to business people, maintaining neat apartments that are close to the city, offer good connectivity and are well-decorated enough to invite colleagues over. Having such a base to work from can make all the difference to your business dealings.

Outside the Box

Student digs are sometimes available during the summer, when Uni is on vacation – these are perfect for summer holidays in the city on a budget.

Suits You

Choose an apartment that suits your needs – if you’re going to be out and about exploring all the time, you don’t need high-end luxury or tons of space – just somewhere to rest your head at night.

There are many types of London short lets out there – the trick is finding the one that is perfect for you.


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