Train Your Kids on These Basics of Home Security 

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Leaving your kids alone at home is initially a scary task. No matter how grown up they are, a parent will never feel like they are mature enough to handle everything. Life gets busier each day, so it becomes a necessity to allow your kids more and more responsibilities as they age.

While it is not possible to protect them during every moment of the day, it is imperative that you teach your kids some home security basics. Here are some effective tips proposed by an expert in lock replacement St Louis, based on several situations they have encountered. These tips will help keep your kids stay safe even when you are not available at home.

  • Demonstrate to Your Kids on How to Handle an Emergency Situation – Never make the mistake of assuming that emergency situations will never happen. Write down emergency contact numbers of ambulance, nearest police department, locksmith St Louis, etc., and keep this note next to the phone every time.  Even if your home does not have a landline, store these numbers on your child’s mobile phone.
  • Instruct Your Children What to Do At Home and What Not to Do – Make your kids understand that they should never let anyone know that their parents are not at home. It is also advised to have an auto locksmith St Louis phone number available as some locksmiths have come across some older children who spend time in the garage and have locked themselves in a car. So, advice your kids that they should not go into the garage, when you are not around!
  • Teach Your Kid on how To Use the Security Alarm – There are many children friendly alarm systems, with a variety of features. Hire a certified company to get it installed correctly. After it is installed, have the company help teach your children, on how to use the home alarm system. In the case your home is not equipped with a security alarm, get it installed as soon as possible.
  • Explain the usage of Surveillance Cameras – Children are usually mischievous and may cover the security cameras or disable them to hide their mischievous behavior. Explain the importance of security cameras to the kids – tell them that even switching it off for a few minutes could oversight a deceitful behavior of an intruder.
  • Teach them How to Handle Strangers – Though not every stranger has bad motives, it is hard for kids to make this distinction. If your children happen to be alone at home and if a stranger knocks the door, then the kids should be taught to answer them from inside the house without opening the door. This is indeed the basic security measure that you could possibly teach your children.

Children learn from their parents, so instill the best habits in them. Keep the doors and windows closed when you are not at home, and make sure that every single door and window has locks. If it is unsecured get the help of an expert in lock replacement St Louis. Choose practical and safe locks and install them for better security of your home. We hope that these tips will help you in training your kid with basic security features, which they will benefit highly in the long run.


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