Trend Alert: Green Marble Slabs in Sydney is in Swing!

It would surprise you to see how these traditional marble slabs are coming back in trend. Green marble slabs in Sydney have been on the rise since a while now.  One of the most sought-after marble slabs in green is the emerald green which is now available with all marble slab suppliers in Sydney.

Emerald Green often has an attractive pattern with dark and bright background with its thundering white veining. These marble slabs are easy to work with as they are strong and durable than other marble slabs. They have a hardness of about 5-6 Mohs which is slightly softer than the granite, but it is usually considered stronger than the other traditional marbles.

Technically these green emerald slabs are not marbles but serpentines. Serpentines are ultramafic rocks which undergo the process of hydrothermal metamorphism. Ultramafic rocks are rare at Earth’s surface but are abundant at the oceanic Moho. Moho is the layer between the base of oceanic crust and earth’s mantle crust layer. These green marbles available with marble slab supplier in Sydney, hold a physical appearance of having rich green colour and patterned appearances with natural vibrant veining making It look like a snake; hence was named as serpentines.

It’s beautiful white veining with rich green background has made it very popular amongst design professionals lately. It is also known for its ability to take polish, naturally smooth surface and ease to work capability. You can find this emerald green marble slab in various places from ancient Florence cathedral in Italy to today’s modern Turkey’s international airport.

With the advent of technology, these marbles can be treated and fabricated to suit your design requirements for myriad spaces or even to use them as a decorative material in itself. It is not big secrete that marble slabs available in Sydney or worldwide are not scratch- resistant, however, the beauty of using these green marble slabs is that the scratches emerge in the pattern of the slab giving no brusque look to the stone.

Marble suppliers in Sydney have been thrilled to see how fast this green marble is taking shapes in new homes and even in commercial spaces. Marble slabs in Sydney are not anymore looked upon as a status symbol but are now moulding to become a powerful force especially in-home design.

Avant Stone is getting you the exclusive collection of green marble slab in Sydney very soon into their new warehouse this December in Greenacre. Currently on water, but we are open to enquiries for the same. Contact us today via for an arrival update or to know more about the green marble slabs in Sydney.

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