Unique Designer Lightings For Overseas Clients

Some stores of designer lightings offer their products not just in their own country but also for their overseas clients. These are people who like to collect exceptional designer lightings. Also, some of them have an acquired taste that does not rely on the standard styles in their specific country or area, but also from different cultures worldwide.

Because of this, a lot of contemporary and modern artists are creating and designing lamps that could get the attention of wealthy international clients. They exert enough time and effort in developing lamps that are both high-end and jaw-dropping for commercial and non-commercial spaces. They infuse style and uniqueness that can compete competitively in the global market and are within reach of overseas clients. Most importantly, they always ensure that their works are with high standards.

Three Unique Must-Have Designer Lightings For Overseas Clients

If you are someone who lives overseas and are looking out for lamps that have the right mixture of beauty and functionality, or just searching for new designer lamps to use, here are some unique designer lighting that can help lighten one’s task.

  1. Guidelight

The Guidelight Lamp is a conceptualization and design by Floris Schoonderbeek of Netherlands. It has an oil-lamp like kind of look. Its light scatters a cozy and warm glow which can aid you in small tasks like reading, writing, sketching, etc. This unique designer lighting is perfect for use in different outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, garden weddings, night games, treasure hunting, etc. Moreover, Guide light can give 10 to 150 hours of light and to charge it up one can efficiently use their mobile phones.

  1. My light

My light offers two groovy and amusing usage: bed light and closet light. Perfect for nighttime, my light can provide you the experience of an on-demand, immediate light source.

  •    Bed Light – This Lamp mainly functions as a light to check under of your bed and would automatically turn on when you get off of the bed. It also consumes less energy. My light’s bed light is perfect to help you see things at night properly when needed.
  •    Closet Light – this My light lighting is a groovy yet useful way to elevate your wardrobe aesthetic. Closet light is a motion-monitoring and is easy to put in. It is ideal to use if your closet is a little shadowy and you need something to give light whenever you pick a wardrobe then the closet lamp is necessary.
  1. Hood Modular Pendant: Mix and Match Lighting

This customizable lighting’s conceptualization and design are courtesy of Form Us With Love. A Stockholm based studio, this is a lighting that sways in between a pendant light and chandelier. Specifically, it is a hood-like lighting that you can customize by clipping each unit to create your desired length. You can stretch it as long as a conference table or for a one person desk to make a warmer ambiance.

Contemporary and modern designers are continuously contributing and producing lots of unique designer lightings that are accessible even to overseas clients. Hence, lamp designers can now pick a best seller and produce more of it in different designs and aesthetics and continuously cater to foreign clients. If you’re looking for such lamps, one just needs to visit lamptwist.com.

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