Various Advantages and Challenges Faced While Reusing Shipping Container

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The reuse of shipping containers once they have surpassed their lifetime, has now become a very popular architectural trend worldwide. It is also referred to as ‘cargotecture’. Many houses, stores, greenhouses, restaurants, food trucks, libraries, etc. have been built up from these old used shipping containers. You can modify these containers and combine them together like Legos. Here are some of the advantages of reusing an old shipping container.

Cost effective

If you are thinking about the cost of a ship container house, there’s nothing to worry about. These houses can be built at very cheap rates. It is obviously cheaper when compared to buying another house. Merekonteinerite müük provides you with the best facility according to your convenience and desire.

Easy to construct and use

It is very easy to set up a ship container as your new house. You just need a ship container, some workers, delivery guys and some creative ideas of yours to set up your dream house. You can add the windows, doors, stairs, all in your way, easily and effectively.

Environment friendly

Reuse of the shipping containers is very eco-friendly. The building up of a new house results in the use of cement and bricks, which are a major cause of pollution. The manufacturing process of cement releases carbon dioxide gas. It also minimizes the use of steel in making a new building. 3500 kilograms of steel can be saved by the reuse of just one container.

Durability of the container

The shipping containers are designed to make them rough and sail through the extreme weather conditions. They are manufactured to carry heavy loads. They are very light as compared to other buildings and very effective against earthquakes, making your life safe.

Decorate them according to your style

This is one of the biggest benefits of using a ship container as your home. You can adjust it and decorate it just as the way you like, according to your needs. Your ship container can reflect your personality. Also, it would make you stand apart from the crowd, as surely your home design is bound to be noticed by everyone.

Here are some challenges that you may suffer while constructing it:

Temperature and insulation

As the shipping container is made up of steel, it might become difficult at times to control and modify the temperature. Steel absorbs both cool air as well a hot air. Therefore, the temperature might go very low in the winters and very high in the summer. So, take care of the insulation process of your house.

Corrosion and rust

Oxygen, water and steel may react together, resulting in rust and corrosion. The climate of your area would greatly affect this factor. A dry weather would keep you safe, whereas, a rainy one could spoil it all.

Toxic materials

The shipping containers, while in use might have been exposed to the toxic substances while transporting them. Therefore, you need to take note of if the container being used by you was exposed to such substances or not and take care of your health. Make sure to paint it with non-toxic paint.

The reusing of a shipping container would result in the saving of the steel and protecting our environment. These containers would make up a great house for you and the above-mentioned factors would help you choose the right container to set up your dream house.

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Gaylord Deskins is the author of this article. Transforming an old, used shipping container into your house has now emerged as a great the future of housing. Merekonteinerite müük offers you the best service for setting up your marine home at a very reasonable cost. They have the best team, specifically trained to assist you with the best technology. Visit their website straight away and check out their designs and the facilities offered by them.

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