Visiting Cambridge, what are the must visits?

Cambridge is a vibrant city with many attractions for the visitor to enjoy while staying with Signet Apartments. A selection of museums, cafes and restaurants are in the main city and further afield is the surrounding countryside.

Punting Trip

Cambridge is famous for taking a chauffeured sight-seeing trip aboard a punt travelling along the River Cam which cuts through the middle of the city. There are views of many of the colleges and architectural landmarks such as the Mathematician’s Bridge and the Venice style Bridge of Sighs.

King’s College Chapel

The chapel dates back to the fourteenth century. The chapel is often featured on television at Christmas for the atmospheric carol service sung by the choir. On any day during the college’s terms, visitors can hear the choir for themselves singing Evensong.

Cambridge University Botanical Garden

The garden has areas of interest throughout the year and includes winter flowering species, pools, rockeries and spectacular autumn foliage. More than one visit is needed as it spans forty acres filled with thousands of plants.

Cambridge Gin Laboratory

Spend a fascinating hour discovering how gin came to be one of the nation’s favourite drinks. There are demonstrations of how gin is made and the opportunity to sample a few different blends.

The Market Square

There’s been a market in Cambridge ever since the fourteenth century. It’s ideal for bargains in fashion, local handmade crafts and delicious fresh cheeses, meats and vegetables from the surrounding farms.

Grantchester Village

Situated on the outskirts of the city, Grantchester is a picturesque village on the banks of the River Cam. Enjoy a picnic if the weather’s fine or a traditional afternoon tea at the Orchard Tea Rooms which were once the home of the World War One poet Rupert Brooke.

Wandlebury Country Park

Take long rambles through acres of beautiful woodland and rolling pastures in this conservation area. There are plenty of refreshments on hand from cafes or enjoy a picnic by the River Cam.

The Centre for Computing History

Marvel at the progress computers have made in such a relatively short time span by tracing their history in this fascinating display. Interactive displays offer the chance to play computer games from the past.

The Strawberry Fair

Cambridge hosts many festivals with themes as diverse as real ale and outdoor performances of Shakespeare’s plays but one of the most popular is the Strawberry Fair which is a mix of all types of music, arts and crafts. Find it on Midsummer Common every June.

The Polar Museum

There are several museums but this one is devoted to telling the dramatic stories associated with excursions to the north and south poles. It includes memorabilia such as a sleeping bag and folding camera used during Captain Scott’s ill-fated expedition of 1912.

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