Insects are important animals in our lives not only because they help in balancing the ecosystem by pollinating our foods, feeding on pests that kill our crops, but the sheer fact that they decompose our bodies when we die.

However, unwanted insects or pest can be a real problem for any home. Having them around can be detrimental to your health, family, and environment, because of the diseases some of them carry.

To keep unwanted insects away from your home requires three pest control method. All of which can be counterproductive if you don’t live in a healthy environment anyway;

Technological Methods

Insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths,beetles, cockroach, as well as pest like rats, require a clean environment, ventilated, sealed, in an open space free from garbage to avoid pests from digging holes, cockroaches from eating on spilled foods and mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant water.

Bite shield mosquito repellents can also be used to offer more protection as well as rechargeable insect vacuum that sucks insects from their primary place of aboard.

Using a hot hair dryer on their breeding ground called( heat treatment) studies have shown insects die from freezing weather from 13C and sweltering weather from 55C.

Other ways include; cover holes and cracks where they hide, use UV light traps, etc.

Homemade Chemical Sprays

The compounds become made from home, which has proven to be strong repellents of insects.

For example, by mixing mint leaves with garlic cloves and cayenne pepper does the trick when it stays overnight and can become used as a spray.

Insects hate recycled coffee bean, spraying part of them around the house can quickly chase unwanted pests.

Using hot pepper spray that is formulated from 1 gallon of water plus three tablespoons hot pepper, all fried in a pan and left for 24 hours can also become a deadly spray for unwanted insects and good pest control.

Another way to trap unwanted insects like ants is using Borax sugar ant killer that becomes made from 1/2 cup of sugar mixed with 1 cup of warm water and 2 table spoon of borax.

Other chemical methods include; insecticide, apple cider vinegar fruit trap, dust mite oil repellent, etc.

Use of Plants

Some plants are quite notorious for repelling plants and having some of them around you home might well solve your problem.

An example is the basil leaves that are known to repel insects because of the oil and fragrance it exhumes.

Lavender leave is another leave that is widely planted in and around the house to keep away unwanted pests and as a form of pest control. Lemon grass is quite the popular one, as most homes would rather take down other plants than this, Because of its immense effect on insects.

The benefits of using pest control cannot be overemphasized in this situation; while insects have a way of always coming back, the onus is on you to do anything necessary in making sure that they don’t.

Always shut your doors and windows when it seems you might be out for a long time.

In other not to lose your lose your respect from friends and family it is better not to have such insects in your home in the first place.


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