What Are the Best Spots In Your House To Install A Fireplace Mantel?

So, you have visualized a picturesque view of the fireplace mantel you want to installed in your house, but are quite unsure of where to put it, do not worry, you are not alone. There are countless spots in your home-space where you’d love to put a fireplace mantel. But this article will help you in narrowing down the options. Thank us later.

  1. Think symmetry

If you want to create an exceptionally good fireplace sight, try placing the mantel between two pre-existing components of your home. Windows will add a background and let in the natural light. The voice of the crackling fire during the cold wintery months also casts a cozy and comfortable environment in the room. You can also choose to install shelves or furniture, such design elements will add some practical storage spaces. Make the best uses of windows, cabinets or shelves, as they will act as a natural frame. It will create a direct focal point towards the fireplace mantel.

  1. Think convenience

If there a specific space in your house that lures you into relaxing in it? A fireplace mantel can be installed anywhere in your house, so consider installing in a guest bedroom for a great ambiance. You can also consider installing it in the space where the natural light has the most access, or in a living room for convenience, or in a den for an extra hint of warmth. The options are limitless, but make sure the space you chose for installing a fireplace mantel is pragmatic, and your family and pets kept are safe and secure with its installation and use.

  1. Think custom

If you don’t want a standard look for your fireplace mantel, there are several options available on Omega Mantels that will let you place your mantel along any awkwardly shaped corner or a wall in your house. Consider a U-shaped fireplace mantel for casting a dramatic peninsula style look as a contemporary room divider. Or an L-shaped mantel that will let you expand the fireplace around a corner. Not that a shelf cap will let your mantel to be installed along a bar or under a counter. This option is especially for those who love entertaining.

A fireplace mantel is a wise investment and a great addition to your home space for a dose of ambiance or warmth on cold wintery months. If it is done with a little planning, it can be installed in any space of your house.

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