What Consumers Want In A Professional Parking Service

For many consumers, their automobiles are among some of the most significant investments they’ll ever make. That’s why these individuals are incredibly careful about where they park their cars, and who they let watch over them while they’re away. As the owner of a professional parking service, it’s important to understand the different features that people are looking for when choosing parking companies to work with. Not only will this allow you to structure your services and market them accordingly, but it will also give you the ability to allay common, consumer fears.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Although even the most basic of parking lots can be safe and secure so long as the right strategies are in place, consumers often want to see evidence of your efforts to keep their assets protected. This is why it’s vital to work with companies like Parking Boxx to source the latest and most cutting-edge parking lot management equipment. With top-quality access control equipment and barrier gates in place, you can show your customers and prospective customers that your services are backed by innovative and reliable technologies.

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While the foremost concern of your customers will invariably be the safety of their vehicles, they certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time navigating your system, paying the related fees, and making sure that everything is as it should be. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help you expedite each and every transaction. Best of all, these are resources that can be placed in highly visible and accessible locations so that frantic and harried customers can find and use everything they need without wasting a lot of time. For instance, you can post digital pay stations at entrances or exits that are capable of taking cash and processing debit or credit card payments within mere.

Human Safety

In addition to knowing that their cars will be well-cared for, people also want assurance of their own safety. This is especially true in parking lots that are used in busy, downtown areas, remote locations, and at night. This is why it is always vital for parking lot owners to have strategic and multi-layered lighting plans. Outdoor parking lots can have towering floodlights that deter criminal activities and make it easy for drivers to spot their stalls. Overhead lighting can be used in multi-level parking garages along with wall lighting, entry lighting, and other forms of illumination. Security cameras, on-site attendants, and other visible security measures won’t just make people feel safe; they’ll actually keep them that way.

Adequate Insurance

All of the best facility features in the world can never replace the need for adequate, commercial insurance. Not only will your customers want to know that you have this coverage, but you’ll also need it to protect both your personal and your financial interests. Should someone slip and fall while on your property, this cover will prevent you from having to pay for the resulting damages out of pocket. Your customers, however, will also enjoy knowing that if anything should ever go awry, they’ll have a feasible way to recoup their losses. Even with the best parking lot designs and business planning, the unexpected can always occur. As such, your business will need a comprehensive commercial insurance package that’s guaranteed to protect all areas of vulnerability.

Those who are new to this industry often make the mistake of thinking that location is the sole factor that will determine their success. At the end of the day, people want to know that their cars will be safe, and that they’ll be safe when dropping these assets off and picking them back up. They also want convenience, ease of use, reliability, and access to the latest, parking lot technologies. By providing all of these things, you can set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that your lot is always filled with happy clients.

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