What Decorations Really Belong in Your Space?

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The spaces we live in and the art that surrounds us can make a big difference in our lives. Believe it or not, our interior design choices have a real impact on our moods and our mental health. So just because something has been hanging on your wall for years, doesn’t mean that it deserves to be there.

Take a moment to reconsider wall art. Let’s decide what sorts of things you should banish from your walls and propose some alternatives. When we’re through, you’ll have a more beautiful and welcoming space.

Banish these decorations from your walls

What makes something the wrong choice for your walls? It could be all sorts of things: maybe the piece is too immature, or maybe it’s too generic. Maybe it’s just plain ugly, or maybe it’s simply not the right fit for your personality.

That old poster that you’ve had since you were a kid? It may be time for that to go or at least be framed. Adding frames to your less “mature” seeming wall hangings can add years to their lives and let you keep your beloved posters without looking like you let a college kid design your space.

On the other hand, maturity isn’t everything. If you bought a generic-looking piece because you thought it made you look like an adult, you should probably reconsider. Whether it’s black-and-white photos of barns, pictures of rainy Paris streets, or landscape paintings — if they’re not you, why keep them? Choose wall hangings that bring you joy, not ones that you think would look good if you hosted an open house.

Your photographs may bring you joy, but if you have those loose photos attached to a bulletin board or, worse yet, push-pinned right into the wall, you should also consider an alternative.

Add these decorations to create a better room

You want your personality to shine through and your room to feel comfortable and familiar. But you want the place to look like it belongs to an adult, not a college student. This is when you marry both class and creativity.

One way to create a personal yet polished space is to order canvas prints. Canvas is a great-looking material, and there’s a reason you see so much art on canvas in photos of well-designed spaces. The stuff that is on those canvases in Instagram posts and magazine photo shoots might be a bit too generic for comfort, but these are custom canvas prints. Swap out old frame-less photos for a classy print blown up on canvas.

Now you’ve got canvas on the walls, and perhaps a framed piece or two from before you purged the junk. For the finishing touch, you should hang something on your wall that isn’t really “wall art” at all — at least, not until you were struck by some inspiration.

Fabric and rugs, platters and plates, and framed ticket stubs or flyers can all make wonderful and distinctive things to put up on the wall. Don’t just think in two dimensions—mounting a shelf for displaying three-dimensional art is a great move, too.

When all is said and done, you’ll have a room in which every piece of art means something to you — and looks good, too. That’s the way it should be.

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