What to Consider When Getting a Smoke Alarm Installation

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Every homeowner is required to get smoke alarm installation services. In Australia, there is an average of 200 deaths per year due to fire. Even more people get hospitalised yearly due to fire-related injuries. Studies show that these more often occur in homes that do not have alarms installed. This means homeowners who have no way of knowing when a fire has started are most prone to lethal dangers.

According to research, these systems are effective in preventing death and injuries. However, it’s not enough to simply get a system. They should also be installed properly by smoke alarm installation Brisbane. This ensures that they’re working in perfect order. If you’re planning to get these services, here are a few things to consider.

What type of system do you have?

There are two types of alarms you can get. The first operates through ionisation. Radiation is used to ionise the device’s chambers. Electrodes detect small changes in the air’s alpha particles. When a fire happens, the number of alpha particles change, thus triggering the system. This type is best for detecting fires that spread quickly.

Photoelectric varieties are best for smouldering fires. It uses light beams to detect changes in air density. It can detect even the smallest discrepancy in density. This way, you can catch fires before they get out of hand.

Both varieties have their pros and cons. Those that operate through ionisation won’t be able to detect smouldering fires and vice versa. If you choose one over the other, you’re still putting yourself at risk. This is why most homeowners prefer to install a combination of the two, to keep them safe at all times.

Choose a trusted service provider.

Once you know what type of system you want, it’s time to hire a service provider. Make sure they’re licensed to do this type of work in your state or territory. Electrician Everton Park only hires qualified, experienced and licensed individuals. They’re your best bet at getting the best smoke alarm installation in Brisbane. Call today to set up a meeting with one of their contractors.

Author: Carrie Sze

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