What to Look for When Buying Used Floor Scrubbers

Used floor scrubbers are a good way to save money. There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for used scrubbers.

Age of Scrubber and Repair History: If it’s possible, learn how old the scrubber is before you buy. Knowing the age of the scrubber can help you determine how close it is to reaching the end of its service life, which can help you get a better return on the investment. You also want to know if the particular unit has been repaired a lot. Scrubbers that have had a lot of repairs should be avoided, since there is a good chance it will act up again once you buy it.

Consider the Floor Area: Even when shopping for used floor scrubbers, you will have to choose between a ride on or walk behind scrubber. Choosing between these two will depend on the task you have in mind. Walk behind floor scrubbers are best used for narrower spaces, such as a school corridor. A ride on floor scrubber is better suited for bigger empty spaces, such as a warehouse interior. The bigger the area, the more power you will need to clean it, and you will therefore need a scrubber that is up for the job.

Size of the Door: Usually this isn’t a top concern when buying floor scrubbers, but it should be because it’s an important piece of information. If the scrubber you buy can’t get through the door, you won’t be able to use it from one room to the next, which could affect the efficiency. Be sure to get the dimensions of the squeegee itself, not just the scrub head, as this is the widest part of the equipment. There are units that provide alternative squeegee kits that are narrower in size if you need the machine to get through narrower doorways.

Consider the Floor Type: The flooring you will be cleaning will be a huge factor in determining what type of used floor scrubber is right for your needs. Some bristles are designed for certain types of flooring, and you want to take advantage of this for cleaner floors. Disk shaped bristles work better for tiled, laminate or wooden flooring. Scrubbers that have stiffer or more cylindrical bristles are better for flooring that is concrete or another porous material.

Don’t Forget about Intangibles: Floor scrubbers can do more than just clean. You have to look at some other things as well. If you are using the scrubber during business hours, a quiet machine will help create a more positive business. For those who have to operate the scrubber, they might appreciate an easier to use model. If the equipment can make the job easier, then you will have happier employees. Used cleaning equipment means that you are being more environmentally friendly, since the manufacturing process for new scrubbers can be intensive.

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