Why Do We Need Pillow Cases?

One of the things that your pillow requires is a pillow cover. Pillow covers are usually very easy to remove and even wash. They are also known to guard against various allergies and also extend the life of a pillow by keeping them much cleaner. The pillow covers also known as protectors are usually used to protect the pillow from dust mites and other stains. They are known to have zippered closures mostly. Pillowcases are usually what you sleep on. It is usually put on the pillow.

Pillowcases usually come as a part of your bedsheet, but at times you may have to buy them individually as well. That’s because pillows come in different sizes, and so is pillow covers. Like for instance for a king size pillow, you will have to buy a king size pillow case. Also, there is a wide range of colors available for your king pillowcase like white, black, teal, grey, blush, etc. Now it’s up to you that which color king size pillowcase you will go for. You can either get your king pillowcases from online or you can go to the stores in search of king pillowcases. Now, leaving the king pillow cases aside, let’s talk about the reasons that why we need pillowcases at all.

What’s the use of pillowcases?

Pillowcases are important because of what they do, and that is they help protect your pillow. Most people prefer their pillows to be clean and fluffy so that they can enjoy their sleep. Now coming back home after a long day’s work, you will obviously not like your king size pillow to look all untidy and therefore, you need to buy king-size pillowcases. There are plenty of beautiful designs available for you to choose from. Even you will also find the king size pillowcases for sale so that you can get the pillow cases of your choice.

  1. Protects Your Pillow: The first and the foremost reason behind buying pillowcases are that it helps protect your pillows. Without the pillowcases, your pillow is exposed to various elements such as dust, mites, etc. But when you use a pillowcase it not only covers your pillow but also protect it from all these elements. Not to forget, it also prevents your pillows from getting stained. So if you want to keep your pillows neat and tidy and want them to last long then, you should buy king pillowcases for your pillows.


  1. Blocks out Allergens: Pillows cases are usually made out of woven fabric which keeps out the dander and the dust from the pillow to prevent allergens. The pillow covers are also washable with hot water; this is important because allergists usually recommend washing linens on a weekly basis in 130 degrees of water.


  1. Making It Fluffy: By using pillowcases and covers the person can create a sort of double defense against body fluids which otherwise end up on pillows. The oils and dirt that are found in sweat and saliva can weigh down a pillow which would lead to fluffiness being reduced. This is one of the main reasons that using a pillowcase and covers helps the pillow to remain fluffier. Although any pillow can be weighed down due to oil and dirt, it is more prevalent in down pillows. This is because the down clusters of these pillows are light.


  1. Keeping Your Pillows from Bed Bugs: Another reason to get pillow covers is to keep away the bed bugs. Bed bugs are usually not supposed to be a big issue for pillows because they do tend to like the crease of a mattress much better. Although this may be the case, for some users having a little bit of extra protection is much more important. Usually, people living in the cities suffer from bed bug problems. The reason why bed bugs would not be able to enter your pillow is that pillow covers usually have zippers due to which the bed bugs would not be able to enter the pillow.


  1. Maintaining the Peace of Mind: Another reason you should buy pillowcases is just to have the peace of mind. While traveling people should bring along their pillow covers to place them over their pillows. This helps in avoiding bed pests. It also helps in avoiding the chances of having a dirty pillowcase rubbing against your skin. Pillow covers usually do not take up much space in your suitcase so, one should make sure to carry their pillowcases with themselves for better protection of their pillows.


So keep your pillows safe with good quality pillow covers.

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