Why our Pflugerville automotive locksmith business chose the Nissan Van

If you own a small local business in Pflugerville that offers a mobile service then you know just how important that it is to do your research and purchase a locksmith van that will be able to meet the needs of the local area. You know the huge American vans would provide you with enough room to run a full scale mobile locksmith business in Pflugerville but you do not want to fork out the money to pay for such a enormous vehicle that is know to have transmission and other problems.

We all imagine Ford vans for locksmith services. Why is that?

I drove a Ford E350 work van for the first decade that I ran my automotive locksmith business in Pflugerville. That van was nice because I could easily fit all of my key cutting equipment and even the variety of locks from the whole Stanley set! That was really nice because I had it all for locksmith services in Pflugerville. And I had the old transponder key programming equipment that is obsolete these days.

The E350 is garbage compared to the Nissan!

Well it is 2018 and I have decided to throw the towel in on the old piece of garbage E350 van. Me and that locksmith van have a love-hate relationship where I love to work out of the van but I hate to pay to maintain it. I hate paying the $60 a day on gas. Now that is a lot of money and you wonder why my services cost so much! I have to support the advertising and fuel costs to run my Pflugerville automotive locksmith business. There are a lot of expenses that most people just do not see.

No way was I going to let my competition drive around in that nifty little Nissan Van!

I saw my competition running around town with his new compact Nissan NV van. Man! I want that thing. I thought to myself. I really need that. I want my graphics all over it. And I want to imagine my foot punching the peddle of that 145 horsepower engine! That little Nissan NV van makes a local locksmith like me happy all over. And soon, very soon my locksmith business will be jamming all over town with my new Nissan NV compact van. The van will store all of the tools but will not be able to house the house storage containers that the Ford van could. But that is not a big issue because I do not care. The storage bins in that old van were so ugly. Even the customers would look at me in distaste. I just could not bare the eyesore of those crappy storage bins and they will be selling with the van, who ever is dumb enough to buy it. But hey, it comes with a key cutting system and bench to start a small Pflugerville automotive locksmith business.

Pictures of my new automotive locksmith work van are coming Monday evening.

Monday I get the van. I cannot wait to smell the new synthetic upholstery Nissan smell. I had a dream last night that I was driving across the lawn of my locksmith competition’s property. In the dream I even ran over his stupid palm tree and plastic bird feeder. That honestly is the main reason why our automotive locksmith business in Pflugerville is getting the Nissan NV van. I will never say that again. But dreams have a lot of power and this one made my mind up to go and buy the new Nissan NV van so that I can pretend that I ran over the competition’s palm tree anyway

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